Tried and tested hangover cures to soothe your post-pub headaches

From good ol’ Maccies to, er, more booze, THE FACE team shares their ultimate hangover remedies to have in your arsenal before your next bender.

Restrictions are easing, draught beers are flowing and our heads are bloody pounding. Three lockdowns later – and although 21st June is on pause, for now – the great British tradition of getting well and truly on it has finally been revived via by our beloved pub (and the sesh). But all great nights out must come to an end and, if you go especially hard, they’re usually followed by a sinking feeling of doom the morning after. Yes, reader, we’re hanging. If you’re reading this piece, chances are you might be, too.

Everyone knows that beating a hangover typically takes patience, paracetamol and substantial Deliveroos. But the most underrated asset of all? Experience. You see, no two hangovers are the same – it takes a bit of experimenting to perfect a personalised cure. That’s why THE FACE team got pissed and snapped our go-to remedies the next day, all to help you on your way to finding your own hangover fix. You’re welcome.

Jessica Noah Morgan, Deputy Editor

A salt beef bagel

Why it works: When I am hanging out of my arse, which seems to be every weekend now the world has opened up, there’s nothing that quite cures my hangover more than a hot salt beef bagel. The grease, the salt and the tang of mustard, combined with a glass of electrolytes to wash it down, is the perfect combination to make me feel like a human again.”

India Blue van Spall, Branded Content Editor

An orange ice lolly

Why it works: You know when you’ve consumed so much alcohol that the floor is still spinning the next day? When I feel like that, I can’t eat any solids for fear of throwing up. All I can do is crawl to my freezer and hope for the best. There’s something about the sudden zing of sugar and refreshing cold that (eventually) miraculously makes me feel normal again.”

Olive Pometsey, Features Editor

Coke, coke and more coke

Why it works: I drink Diet Coke all hours of the day while sober, but when there’s alcohol lingering in my system? Inject it. The first can goes down in a few gulps and bright light suddenly stops burning my eyes. After the second can, my headache starts to subside, and so on and so forth, until my cans stack high. Diet Coke is the OG, but I’ll make do with a Zero if I’m desperate.”

Millie Gray, Video & Audio Editor

Vita Coco coconut water

Why it works: There is no elixir finer than milky coconut water. Hangovers, comedowns, bad vibes, it cures it all. Specifically this brand, though. The others are wank.”

TJ Sidhu, Junior Editor

Chicken Legend with chips and a Diet Coke

Why it works: Carbs, crunch, meat, good flavours. It soaks up the night before, is cheap, and it tastes really nice. McDonald’s is probably my favourite food.”

Jade Wickes, Staff Writer

Rum or coffee

Why it works: One or or the other, depending on the vibe. The first one lulls you into a false sense of security and will probably perpetuate your hangover, but you’ll have a great time. The second one just helps you feel a little more alive and ready for the mandatory Deliveroo.”

Brooke McCord, Digital Director

Coffee and bananas

Why it works: Every time I tell my mum I’m hungover she tells me to eat a banana. I was sceptical at first – the thought of a slimy snack whilst feeling seriously sick wasn’t doing it for me. But desperate times call for desperate measures. A whisky hangover cured by a perfectly ripe banana had me sold. Apparently it’s something to do with the potassium. Chase it with a black coffee and you’re good to go.”

Alexa Kesta, Social Media Editor

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Why it works: In all honesty, there’s no cure for my kind of hangovers, but if you fling on RuPaul’s Drag Race, there’s no doubt it will help you through the pain. Sashay that hangover away!”

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