Madison Beer’s daily beauty rituals: essential oils, Dance Moms and bad sleep

The real “That Girl” routine to live by.

Madison Beer is well and truly that girl, but not in a wake up at 5am and chug green juice” kinda way. With innate vocal talent so impressive that she was able to knock out a cover of Etta James’ At Last at 13-years-old, which went viral after Justin Bieber tweeted it, the now-23-year-old has been in the limelight for most of her life. And she’s kept her composure throughout: the good (world tours, runway appearances, magazine covers), the bad (gossip column rumours) and the ugly (undeserved hate from online trolls). Forget early morning meditations and lemon water – we’d rather have a tall pint of Beer.

At the end of last month, the belting pop prodigy played to packed crowds at Reading and Leeds festival, and dropped her new single Dangerous, a soaring, lovelorn ballad of blockbuster proportions. This all comes hot on the heels of her worldwide The Life Support Tour, on which she performed her debut album of the same name to a fraction of her 11 million Spotify listeners earlier this year. Not bad, eh?

How does she unwind and keep herself glowing throughout it all? Well, as we’ve established, an unachievable early morning routine is off the cards – relatable. Thankfully, Madison Beer keeps things simple…


I wake up at…


The first thing I do is…


My skin care regimen in the morning looks like.…

Vitamin C treatments.


They protect my skin and nourish it during the day.

My worst beauty habit is…

Forgetting to brush my hair.

My favourite feature is my…


My first beauty-related memory is…

Playing with my grandma’s lipstick as an infant.

Where are you headed today?

The studio!

What tasks have you got to get done?

Finish this album.


Do you work out?

No, but I should.

Are you taking any supplements?

I take Vitamin B12 and C.

What’s for lunch today?


Do you listen to anything in the evening?

I watch Dance Moms.

Burn any candles? Have a bath?

Yes! Both.

What products do you use at night?

I like to use lavender and essential oils.

What’s the best beauty hack you’ve ever learned and why?

Do not sleep with your makeup on – ever!!!

Bedtime is at…


How do you sleep…


I’ve been dreaming of…

Sleeping better.

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