The biggest UK drugs stories of the year

Podcast: Our resident drug columnist Simon Doherty joins us for a chat about opioids, Gen Z sobriety and, er, the man who took 40,000 pills.

Drugs. They’re everywhere: in the news, pub toilets, 20 pound notes. Whether you’ve even taken them or not (and booze counts, yes), there’s no denying that drugs are part of all our lives in one way or another.

To cut through the crap, each week, our resident drugs columnist Simon Doherty investigates the latest drug trends and news stories, from the powders picking up traction on British dancefloors to the opioid crisis in Afghanistan. Because when it comes to narcotics, the more you know the better, we reckon.

That’s why, this week, Doherty joined our Editor and host Matthew Whitehouse and Junior Editor TJ Sidhu on the FACE Podcast. After a year of writing his column, we discussed the biggest drugs-related stories of the year so far, and threw in some bonus thoughts on the UK’s failed war on drugs”, a frankly unbelievable story about a man who took 40,000 pills over six years, and advice on how you can safely test your drugs.

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