100% Bakar: the irre­sistible trou­ble­mak­er climb­ing the ranks

The Face hung out with London’s favourite “badkid” ahead of the release of his new track Hell N Back, out today.

Strad­dling gen­res with his spir­it­ed sound, Bakar is a tear­away with an onslaught of tal­ent. Defined by his unique sound that’s, well, unde­fin­able, the Cam­den-based musician’s spunky ener­gy sees him suc­cess­ful bounce between scat­ty rock n’ roll gui­tar riffs, woozy elec­tron­ic num­bers and gen­tle spo­ken word cuts. He’s also caught the atten­tion of Vir­gil Abloh, who’s giv­en the singer the call up to walk the Louis Vuit­ton run­way (twice) and grant­ed him a spot in the house’s SS19 campaign.

After wreak­ing hav­oc across the coun­try with his band of bad­kids ear­li­er this year, per­form­ing sold out shows to zeal­ous fans who go ga ga for Bakar’s off-the-wall-ceil­ing-and-floor per­for­mances, he’s just dropped a brand new track Hell N Back. A jazzy num­ber that shows a more loved-up side to the musi­cian, while per­fect­ly whet­ting our appetites ahead of his upcom­ing Will You Be My Yel­low EP.

We sat down with the ris­ing star and got the 100% scoop.

10%: Where were you born, where were you raised and where are you now based?

Cam­den, Cam­den, Camden. 

20%: At what point did you realise you’d be able to do what you love for a living?

When I dropped out of col­lege after the third term and realised this is what I want­ed and could do.

30%: What’s a piece of advice that changed your life?

Vir­gil said when it comes to a deci­sion and it’s like safe option or roll the dice, always roll the dice. Every sin­gle time. 

40%: What kind of emo­tions and expe­ri­ences influ­ence your work?

Love, hate, and every­thing in between. 

50%: What can you tell us about your next project?

That it is going to be a gen­er­a­tion defin­ing album and that it’s gonna be big­ger and bet­ter. Every­thing is gonna be more hon­est, more pop­py, the emo­tion­al part is going to be more emo­tion­al and it’s real­ly just going to rep­re­sent a period. 

60%: Break down your typ­i­cal day at work…

Wake up, I get on the bus, I sit on the bus for like three hours, maybe even longer, some­times eight hours. I get out, do a sound check. I try and eat some food, maybe. I get ready and then I go on stage. I do a show. I come off. I try and eat and then I go to sleep. I wake up, get on the bus, and do it all again. 

70%: What can artists do to help save the world?

I don’t think any artist can save the world but we can just try and make people’s days bet­ter. We can make people’s moments bold­er, make peo­ple feel bet­ter, try and make peo­ple heal with what­ev­er they’re going through. That’s what we’re here for.

80%: Who would you most like to see on the cov­er of The Face?

Me and my band.

90%: Five din­ner guests you’d invite? (Dead or alive)

  • Joe Rogan
  • Mike Tyson
  • Michelle Oba­ma
  • Mike Skin­ner
  • My mum

100%: Love, Like, Hate?

Love being on stage, like The Face, and hate being in a van all day.

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