A return trip to Beatopia

Now that the dust has settled and the chandelier’s stopped wobbling, it’s time to watch the best bits of our mansion party with Beabadoobee, Levi’s and Dirty Hit.

Sure, Beabadoobee’s set at Glastonbury was on point; but did you catch her nearly shredding a Dulwich mansion to council condemnation? Seeing Bea at the John Peel Stage on the weekend transported us right back back to the frantic, sweat-fuelled antics of a few weeks before, when we put on our own mega party with the THE FACE cover star plus our friends at Levi’s and Dirty Hit.

Our brains have been worryingly gelatinous since (and not helped by Glasto); but we’re back now and ready to relive our big Bea bash. If we haven’t chewed your ears off enough about it already, highlights included: a first outing of new single 10:36’, a riotous performance by Pretty Sick, Matt Healy showing up, acid shrubbery, some outrageous spins of jungle classics and printed cups that people definitely didn’t nick. Oh, and it happened in a mansion, naturally.

Now, whether you managed to win an invite, watched it on TikTok or somehow missed out, you can enjoy all the best bits of Bea below.

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