Adele explains the real story behind the gun fingers” meme

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You know the one: all-black tracksuit, impeccable mani, very serious phone call. Here’s what was happening on the other end of the line.

If there was a meme hall of fame, then surely that one of Adele and her gun fingers would be one of the strongest possible contenders.

Back in February last year, Adele was papped while having what looked like an intense conversation on the phone, stepping out of a car at Heathrow Airport in London. Dressed all in black – Nike hoodie, trackies, trainers and Moncler puffer jacket – she had impeccably manicured fingertips, pointed emphatically as she was chatting on the phone and, at one point, directly up at a camera that was snapping her.

As the picture made the rounds, the internet demanded to know why. Who could possibly be on the other end of that phone call?

When author and journalist Candice Carty-Williams interviewed Adele for THE FACE’s new cover story, she got to the bottom of this mystery.

Yeah, I was fucking livid when I got off that plane, fucking hell!” she told us.

It was with one of my friends. I wasn’t actually shouting at someone, I was telling the story of something that had happened to my best friend Laura. I always wear tracksuits, but I had the Moncler coat on top of it. I put the hood up because I know there are paps that are sneaky up there. And it was cold, I was flying into England.”

While you might not expect Adele’s biggest hits to inspire gun fingers as a dance move, since the meme fans have pointed out that she often makes the hand gesture while she’s singing.

May all of us have pals like Adele – who get so fired up about something they become an international meme in the process.

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