Listen to American Dance Ghosts’ cathartic club mix

The party-loving duo specialise in euphoric, hard-hitting bangers.

American Dance Ghosts are all about the good times. Having dropped their self-titled debut EP in April this year, the LA-raised duo of Hank Korsan and Hayes Bradley were well-primed for the return of nightlife with their style of psychedelic house and bass-heavy disco that’s designed to drive feet towards the dancefloor.

ADG’s Face Mix, which was recorded at one their recent NYC gigs, captures the cathartic thrill of the club. Think: silky synths, warm bass and a relentless, hard-hitting 4/​4 pulse.

Listen to the mix and check out a Q&A below.

What drew you together to collaborate?

We’ve known each other since we were kids. Playing together has always been cohesive and easy. So it made sense to finally start doing everything together. We saw the vision during a long rooftop party in Mexico, 2020. And it’s been history since.

What inspires American Dance Ghosts?


Parties are well and truly back. What etiquette do the ravers need to relearn?

Respect on the dance floor is always key. And leave the egos at home. We really just want people to be themselves.

If you could bring one closed-down venue back from the dead, which one would it be?

Paradise Garage was always a dream to see in action.

Which ADG gig has brought you the most happiness so far?

Pretty much any gig we play we have a great time, but our monthly at Le Bain, NYC never fails. Our next one is on the 11th November. See you there.


THEOS – Rhodes Trip

Space Ghost – Time To Dance (Together Mix)

DJOKO – Red Drank

Pete Moss – What We Had

Liquid Earth – Scope Zone (Youandewan Remix)

Archie Hamilton – Journey to Juno

Eden Burns – Rat’s a Rat

Dj Huere – The Feeling

Model Nice – Cravo Amargo (Pépe’s Space Pilot Academy Remix)

American Dance Ghosts – What You Got To Do


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