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Wizkid – Money and Love

Sumptuous strings, regal horns and bright keys give Wiz’s new single a particularly luxurious vibe. Paired with lyrics like Big lollipop, baby lick like ice cream /​Big bad Wiz, Mr. Shift-Your-Panties,” the slick production classes the innuendos up a bit, like a flirtatious wink from across the dance floor. OP

SZA – Shirt

SZA’s first solo single of the year actually went viral way back in 2020, after she shared a snippet and fans took it upon themselves to create a dance challenge and christen it Shirt. The full track features bassy, dream-like production that reverberates around SZA’s typically unpredictable melodies. OP

pinkpirate – I Still Feel Down

Don’t be fooled by the dance floor-ready beat or the dreamy harmonies on I Still Feel Down, the song is inspired by the difficult process of healing. Bognor Regis musician pinkpirate wrote the song while in the process of undergoing therapy after an abusive relationship. I tap my knees and move my thoughts from left to right /​I hope that you can’t see what hides behind my eyes,” they sing, before switching to the point of view of their therapist. JW


After scoring an underground hit with his filthy techno banger Sick Bitch last year, LSDXOXO took a left turn, dropping a couple of tracks which blend emo and drum’n’bass. This time, the Berlin-via-Philly artist takes on a reggaeton beat, cooly reeling off lusty lyrics while neon synths hum and bleep like a gaming arcade at night. DR

Abra Cadabra, Headie One & Bandokay – Local

There have been whispers that UK drill is dead for a while now, but Abra, Headie and Bando don’t seem to care. After recently striking gold with the anthem Couldn’t Be Us, the Tottenham rappers are back as a trio for this adrenaline-fuelling banger. Abra Cadabra provides the hook this time, with his gravelly tone and restless flow channelling the same energy as his 2020 anthem On Deck. DR

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