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Central Cee – Band4band ft. Lil Baby

Central Cee featured on the track H.Y.B on J. Cole’s April mixtape Might Delete Later, but along with the rest of the tape, that song was sort of eclipsed by the Kendrick Lamar diss track 7 Minute Drill (which, funnily enough, Cole did delete later). Luckily Cench had another massive US rap collab up his sleeve. There was a lot anticipation ahead of this track dropping because, promisingly, Lil Baby was spotted filming the music in London, which suggested that he’s not just phoned in a half-arsed verse and collected his cheque, as is often the case when American rap stars work with British artists. Over a fairly traditional drill beat, Cench and Baby go back-and-forth on the hook, contrasting a punchy London accent with a gooey Atlanta flow. Does it actually work? You can watch the dozens of reactions videos to find out. DR

NewJeans – How Sweet

NewJeans have previously tapped into Scandanavia’s musical talent by enlisting Erika de Casier and Smerz as songwriters. On How Sweet – a silky-smooth track with featherlight synths and a propelling Miami bass-style beat – the writing credits include the K‑pop band’s member Danielle as well as the TikTok-boosted New Zealand artist Benee and the producer Oscar Scheller, who’s worked with the likes of Pink Pantheress and Shygirl. Together, they’ve put together a hook that’s likely to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. DR

Mary in the Junkyard – Teeth

The trendy London three-piece have just dropped their grungy debut EP, This Old House. Teeth is a stand-out on the project: alongside lead singer Clari Freeman-Taylor’s ever-haunting vocals, it conjures up visceral imagery about being covered in bite marks and feeling the prickling pain of a romantic partnership that’s gone strangely, darkly wrong. Ouch. JW

Romy Mars – Stuck Up

For the uninitiated, Romy Mars is Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars’ daughter and – of course – Francis Ford Coppola’s granddaughter. Last year, she went viral for posting a TikTok about being grounded for trying to charter her dad’s helicopter to meet a mate for dinner. Now, she’s parading around at Cannes alongside Adam Driver and her granddad, who’s given her a few lines in his upcoming epic Megalopolis. It feels right, then, that Romy’s picked this moment to launch her career as a pop star. Stuck Up is gloriously, syrupy sweet; featuring production from Taylor Swift collaborator Mikey Hart, and it sounds similar to the Taylor’s early work, if a little edgier. I’m upside down /​I’m inside out /​There’s no running from this now,” Romy sings, jaded by the end of a summertime fling. A proper earworm. JW

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