Into the night with Eliza Rose, Moxie and Sunflower Bean

Join the nightlife connoisseurs as they capture late nights to remember with crystal clarity, thanks to Samsung’s new Nightography mode.

Picture the scene: you wake up after a big night, perhaps a little worse for wear (no judgement!) and reach for your phone to relive all the fun via a series of somewhat shoddy photos and videos. For many of us, the morning-after-the-night-before photo-scroll has become something of a weekend tradition.

Chances are, the more fun you had painting the town, the worse your snaps turned out. Blurry? Out of focus? Less-than-ideal lighting? Check. Well then, all this is about to change. The clever folk at Samsung have devised a solution to this pervasive problem and it’s called Nightography.

We know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t the ghostly night vision made famous by Paris Hilton and the Blair Witch. Technology has advanced significantly since those halcyon days, and the new Samsung Galaxy S22 handset holds within its slender frame all of the tools you need to take next-level photos and footage after dark. With the phone’s secret weapons including anti-reflective lenses and an algorithm-powered night solution” mode, you can now enjoy razor sharp images and wobble-free video even in the dimmest of settings.

To really put the Samsung Galaxy S22 to the test, THE FACE enlisted the help of some of London’s pre-eminent night owls DJs Eliza Rose and Moxie, plus rising New York rockers, Sunflower Bean. The resulting video snapshots offer a POV-peak into their high-octane late night activities: Eliza Rose’s live show at London’s Low Profile Studios, Moxie’s set at Terminal V festival in Edinburgh and a headline gig at Brixton’s Electric Ballroom with Sunflower Bean. Thanks to the wonders of Nightography, all are crystal clear and bursting with colour, allowing each moment to be enjoyed all over again, once the hangover has been dealt with.

Keep scrolling to view the clips, and head over to sam​sung​.com to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Eliza Rose

@thefacemagazine Step inside Low Profile Studio with pre-eminent night owl DJ Eliza Rose with crystal clarity, thanks to @samsung’s new Nightography mode 🎉 #GalaxyS22 #withGalaxy ♬ original sound - The Face Magazine


@thefacemagazine Take a trip to Terminal V Festival in Edinburgh with DJ Moxie as she captures the night using @Samsung ♬ original sound - The Face Magazine

Sunflower Bean

@thefacemagazine Join @sunflowerbean as they capture their headline gig at Electric Ballroom with crystal clarity using @samsung’s new Nightography mode 🔥#GalaxyS22 #withGalaxy ♬ original sound - The Face Magazine

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