Kim Gordon: My dog takes his job too seriously”

The Sonic Youth legend’s rage rap-inspired album The Collective is the most contemporary-sounding record of 2024. But her social media is for furry friends, not for chasing trends.

Hi, Kim! You’re having a TikTok moment. Do you spend much time on the app?

Not really. I mean, I did an interview with those two [excitable influencers] The Daft Hunks. They came on their school break to San Francisco. They’re really cute.

What does your Insta algorithm show you then?

Lots of dogs and cats, basically. And weird animals. You know, cute things.

You’ve posted photos of your dog. What’s its breed, gender and name?

He’s an Australian Shepherd, his name is Linus – taken from the Peanuts character. It’s like living with a chimp or something, because he’s really smart and he wants to engage. But he takes his job too seriously.

How do you mean?

He can hear people walking by on the street and he’s a little reactive. I had to get him a bark collar.

FKA twigs is developing an AI deepfake of herself. She’s training it to interact with her fans on social media. Would you be happy with an AI Kim?

I don’t really care that much [about Instagram]. I read the important things about announcements and stuff – people in my management do [the posting], I don’t know how to do that shit! And an avatar… I wouldn’t know either!

The theme of this issue is family. How was it having your daughter Coco Gordon Moore star in your recent music videos?

Fun! The director for the Bye Bye video, Clara Balzary, it was her idea. She had already written a short film for Coco to be in. And for the video for the song I’m a Man, I just thought it would be cool to have Coco, because she looks great on film.

Coco went on tour with Sonic Youth when she was a kid. When she was a teenager, did she have a rebellious phase where she thought you guys weren’t cool?

Oh yeah. I don’t think any parents are cool to their kids! I don’t know, maybe now she appreciates it. She used to be very sensitive to people asking too many questions about us.

Were the 90s really as fun as everyone says they were?

It was more fun than the 80s! The 80s were very, very hard and we were poor. It was bleak. But you know, it got better as the decade went on. It was before things were more corporate and commercial. Now, downtown New York is just like a mall. It’s crazy. But it still has super interesting things going on and incredible energy.

You performed at a Dior afterparty recently. Do you follow fashion closely?

I mean, I’m always interested to look at it, in an editorial or something. But we basically just played the show for the money. It wasn’t like it was a goal or anything. [Fashion crowds] are not the most fun audiences to play for. I always feel like they’d rather be listening to a DJ or something.

It was your birthday recently. How did you celebrate?

My daughter and her girlfriend, my nieces and some close friends came over. I cooked roast chicken and this lentil dish that everybody likes.

What was the last good book you read and the last good movie you watched?

I read Rachel Kushner’s new book Creation Lake. I watched Challengers the other night. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was trippy, homoerotic, fun. It was much more camp than I thought it would be. And Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor’s score made it even more camp.

What was a bigger career highlight for you – making a cameo in Girls or in The Simpsons?

Making a cameo in The Simpsons got me Screen Actors Guild!

What’s the most annoying question that journalists ask you?

Why I wanted to make another record.

When do you feel happiest?

I have the most fun just hanging out with my daughter on the porch and not doing anything. She’s really my favourite person in the world.

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