Liam Gallagher: whenever I walk past a toothbrush I’ll have a little go”

Liam Gallagher Volume 4 Issue 001

Volume 4 Issue 001: Rampaging sheep, his brother’s weird ear and the perils of cheesecake: sitting down with the 47-year-old former Oasis frontman as he releases his second solo album, Why Me? Why Not.

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Hello Liam. You’re drinking jasmine tea – is that your preferred tea?

No, it’s not my fucking preferred tea. My preferred tea is Yorkshire Tea. But when I’m in that singing business – I’ve got rehearsals tomorrow – I try not to drink milk. I’m trying to stay off the dairy. I messed up in Kiev the other week: I had a cheesecake at the hotel and it was fucking amazing. But the gig was shocking. So, no cheesecake, man.

Have you always been a smoker?

I knocked the cigs on the head in the 90s when I started Oasis. Just carried on smoking the weed. Then as we got bigger and bigger, I was onstage smoking ganja, thinking: This is getting a bit serious now. People are coming to arenas and I’m forgetting lyrics and dribbling and monging out and staring at Our Kid’s ear, thinking: that’s a weird ear.” So I stopped.

What drug have you most enjoyed?

All of em. Acid and mushrooms were pretty fucking good. My last trip was in the studio in the countryside in the Oasis days. Me and the producer went out into the field and we saw this bright white light. We thought it was a spaceship. I’m like: Come on, let’s steam into it!” Then it starts coming towards us. The next minute, I realise it’s 900 sheep fucking legging it at me.

Who’s your favourite member of One Direction?

I met that Harry one recently. He was in the studio in London at the same time as us and I heard a couple of tunes – I tell you what, they’re good. A bit like that Bon Iver. And he’s fucking chilled, actually. He’s alright. I thought he’d be a lot more giddy, a lot more blown away by being in my presence. But he wasn’t. I like that. Maybe he’s on meds.

What’s the best thing about Dua Lipa?

Her name. It’s funny. I don’t know anything about her.
[My daughter] Molly’s probably into that New Rules.
[My son] Gene probably fancies her.

Do Gene and his brother Lennon like Tyler, The Creator?

Yep, I think they do. They like one of them fucking Creators. Or one of them Tylers – there’s a few of them about, ain’t there? They can tile my fucking bathroom.

What’s your view on the explosion of Latin pop?

You what? I fucking missed that.

Harrison Ford said that being famous is like walking down the street with a skunk on your head.’”

You’ve got £2.50 in your pocket. What will you spend it on?

A Kinder Egg. You just never know what you’re gonna get. It’s something to keep your fingers twiddling, and it’s a nice little surprise. And it’s a sugar-rush.

Do you look after your teeth?

I’m constantly brushing my teeth. Whenever I walk past a toothbrush I’ll have a little go, quick tidy. I take one out with me as well. I had one last time I went to City and Arsenal. The security geezer asked me what it was for. I said: Because the red wine’s good at Arsenal and I’ll be getting stuck into it in hospitality. And I don’t want to look like I’ve eaten a plum or my mouth’s bleeding.” Especially when people are asking you for fucking selfies every two seconds.

Your new album Why Me? Why Not: why should FACE readers stream/​download/​buy it in a shop?

They probably shouldn’t. They’ve probably got better things to be fucking doing. But if you’re into good music, good songs and you’re into fucking singers like me who do exactly what it says on the fucking tin, it’ll be right up your street, man. It sounds fresh. But you’re never gonna get a fucking reggae record or a dance record off me.

What’s the worst look you’ve ever had?

The look of love from Our Kid.

Any advice for a 90s icon making a comeback?

Just fucking stay out of my way. And if you’re an icon, you shouldn’t have gone away. There’s not many of us left. Come and feel the love and give us a cuddle. Let’s have a gin and tonic, and feel supersonic.

Why Me? Why Not is out now

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