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I. JORDAN – Real Hot n Naughty

Scouse rap, digs at the Tories and pure rave euphoria: I. JORDAN’s new single sets the bar high for their debut album, I Am JORDAN, which is released 10th May via Ninja Tune. Real Hot n Naughty, featuring Sex Education actor Felix Mufti, is a playful banger that sees Jordan embrace their queer, working class background and northern humour. The cherry on top? A cheeky music video that sees Mufti, Jordan and their pals transform a bingo hall into the ultimate queer rave. JW

Love Remain – LDN Girls ft. Gboyega Odubanjo

UK producer Love Remain’s new release is bittersweet. Featuring guest vocals from the late poet Gboyega Odubanjo, who passed away at Shambala Festival last year, LDN Girls is both a touching tribute and joyful 2‑stepper that celebrates women all across the English capital. JW

Little Simz – Mood Swings

Little Simz has gone all Renaissance on us for her latest release, Drop 7, an EP packed with bitesize tracks that are (mostly) destined for dancefloors. Its opener Mood Swings kicks things off with a rumbling, cavernous beat and a prowling flow from Simz: But I’ve been havin’ mood swings, mood swings, mood swings, mood swings,” she repeats just before the chorus kicks in and the production ramps up with hefty production reminiscent of South African club music. OP

GloRilla – Yeah Glo!

It’s been around two years since Memphis rapper GloRilla blew up with her viral smash F.N.F. (Let’s Go), which propelled her from local stardom to international fame, putting her in the studio with the likes of Latto, JT and Cardi B. Glo’s first solo single in five months doesn’t feature a star rapper, and it doesn’t seem like she’s trying to plant the seeds for any viral trends. Instead, Yeah Glo! is a classic Memphis rap banger: a no-holds-barred onslaught of boasts and threats over a hard-as-nails beat, with a nod to the legendary Three Six Mafia. DR

Erika de Casier – Ice ft. They Hate Change

On the cover for her forthcoming third album Still, Danish artist Erika de Casier poses in massive shades and a shiny black leather jacket, while the reflections of the camera crew are warped with big mirrors. It looks like a still from a mid-late 90s music video by Hype Williams, who directed classic clips for the likes of TLC and Missy Elliott. And the slick, bass-heavy groove of Ice is reminiscent of the same era. The song tells the story of a turbulent romance in which both parties are playing hard-to-get. How you be so cold? I don’t know,” raps Vonne Parks from the Florida duo They Hate Change, Trips to Copenhagen gave me frosty soles.” DR

Äyanna – Girlfriend (London Edition) ft. Mnelia and Tamera

With her 2023 debut EP, In A Perfect World, Äyanna established herself as a bonafide one-to-watch R&B musician. On this remix of her yearning, passionate track Girlfriend, the east Londoner has linked up with two other up-and-comers, Mnelia and Tamera. It sees the trio’s honeyed vocals deftly complement one another on a sensual anthem on which they don’t mince their words: Boy, I think you should make me your girlfriend”. Straight to the point, then. JW

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