Explore the North West’s music scene with Rainy Miller’s Face Mix

The Preston musician and Fixed Abode label head presents a soothing showcase of the imaginative artists in his area.

Forget about the big city, Rainy Miller is putting his hometown of Preston on the map.

When he isn’t heading up residencies on NTS or curating a growing list of talent via his Fixed Abode imprint, he’s soundtracking local art projects, elevating his peers and giving audiences a refreshing perspective on northern culture. He’s closely affiliated with other North West artists who have enjoyed a buzz in 2021, such as Salford-based choreographer and rapper Blackhaine and Manchester/​Berlin duo Space Afrika.

Deeply influenced by his life and surroundings in the North West, Miller released his debut album Limbs back in 2019. A fusion of hazy bedroom pop and hip-hop, it led him to tour with saccharine singer-songwriter Gus Dapperton, elevating his status from SoundCloud to stage. Miller’s latest project A Choreographed Interruption, is packed with emotion. Meridian, 1520 is a slow-building anthem for heartache, while Yellowman gets to grips with the theme of loss and sees the artist reckoning with his father’s absence.

Intrigued? Rainy Miller has conjured an ambient tribute to his friends and family in the North West of England. Listen to his Face Mix and read a Q&A below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

It’s a mix of entirely unreleased material from all the artists I think are great in and around the North West [of England] right now. The only stuff not from here is from people I’m in conversation with for my label, Fixed Abode.

What are some of the club nights and venues that have been important to your trajectory?

I’ve had some phenomenal nights at Manchester’s Soup and The White Hotel. Strange Riddims always put on great nights, P13 too. My last rave before lockdown at A party called…” was phenomenal.

But I think there’s always been a lack of a home for the stuff I want to represent on the label. I just love such a wide array of music and I think there are so many beautiful moments in all the leftfield bits of music being made at the moment. I’m in love with the idea of taking those moments and making them as palatable as possible to a wider audience.

Who are some of the artists in the North West that Face readers should check out?

There are so many talented heads that have traversed from Preston to Manchester; Blackhaine, RawTape, Henzo, The StudI/​O, Trax Haven etc. But actually, inside Preston, there’s stuff bubbling right now.

Moor Nook is thriving. Moseley, who is a ready-made star, is from there, and my favourite emcee in the world Killer just came back from a 10-year hiatus thanks to Rasky Records, who alongside DY and Preston DDRR, are responsible for the love and resurgence grime is having in the city right now. Preston even has a beat boss winner in Rakjay. The city’s responsible for some serious talent.

The Buststation collective have been doing their thing for the skating community, there are so many people finding their feet at the minute and really loving their craft, it’s buzzing.

There’s no glamour here, nobody to do show off to so to speak, people really do it because they love it, not for popularity. I don’t even think the dreaded term clout” exists in Preston.


Rainy Miller — B Side

Rat Heart — 1

HforSpirit — Jung Cello

Space Afrika — 4RAINY

World Radio — Golden Hour (draft)

Malthus — Mercy

Iceboy Violet - Baithoven Remix

Julian Klincewicz — New Recording 526

FUMU — Extra 10

Elijah — theygetgoin

Rainy Miller — 2 Live, First We Must Die

Breakwave — Unreleased

Blackhaine — Hotel

Sockethead — For Preston B

HforSpirit — We Lonely

Rat Heart — 2

Iceboy Violet - godfather 2 left waiting

Portrait — Slow Dispersion

Michael J. Blood — DCGB

Commuted — Everybody Kept Tellin Me What Are You Doing

Drax Power Co. — Confetti

Julian Klincewicz — Break it all Apart

Iceboy Violet - Mothpocket

Henzo — And Now It’s Over_​V5

Obeka — Oceana

Michael J. Blood — THICKNESS

Moseley — Weston (demo)

RenzNiro — Twennifours

Rainy Miller — Piano Piece 1

Killer — Quick Freestyle

Killer — Snippet

Rainy Miller — Pallette 3.2

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