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FLO – Fly Girl ft. Missy Elliott

Exactly a year on from the release of their debut single Cardboard Box, FLO affirm their position as Britain’s next great girl group with Fly Girl. A girl’s night anthem, not only does the track sample Missy Elliott’s Work It, but it also features fresh vocals from the legendary rapper, who winkingly references her original track with the lyric Don’t still look like Halle Berry in the face?” Perfectly packaged pop. OP

Victoria Monét – Smoke ft. Lucky Daye

After a brief break from music to become a mother, Victoria Monét is back and she’s brought her signature innuendo-heavy lyricism with her. Seductive with the pen, groovy with the beat, Smoke is all about getting saucy while being high like Mariah,” as featured artist Lucky Daye puts it in the second verse. With rich production full of layered harmonies and bright horns, getting stoned never sounded so classy. OP

Jam City – Time Square ft. Aidan

Jam City made some beautiful music in the 2010s, and so it’s good to see the UK producer enjoy a bit of a career boost with production credits for Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Yachty. On the emotive floor-filler Times Square (which will appear on the forthcoming album Jam City Presents EFM), Jam City flips an Omar‑S sample, smothering it with his trademark retrofuturistic gloss. DR

Frost Children – HI 5

In an interview with Dazed, Angel Prost of the NYC-based sibling duo Frost Children claimed there’s nostalgia for the specific hyperpop sound from 2020. So if this is the post-hyperpop era, then it seems Frost Children are thriving in it. HI 5 contains all the colourful intensity of the aforementioned subgenre, but it’s slick enough to appeal beyond the insular world of Discord servers. DR

Yunè Pinku – Sports

On her latest single, Malaysian-Irish South Londoner Yunè Pinku blends immersive, intimate vocals with zippy breakbeats – her preferred recipe for making club-ready bangers. Produced by UK artist Jakwob, this one’s dropped just in time for spring: Lips, teeth, skip and touch /​Don’t, I guess you’ve had enough /​Beat me to the punch /​Bottle down, you’ve had too much,” Pinku sings, evoking a sweaty night spent dancing til the early hours. JW

Piglet – Building Site Outside

On building site outside, London-via-Belfast indie artist Piglet recounts some of the hard experiences he’s endured as a trans man navigating the NHS, including a once-friendly pharmacist turning sour after seeing his testosterone prescription. She wouldn’t even meet my eye /​She smiled at me so much last time /​Now I’m just obstructing her view of the building site outside /​I feel stupid more so than before,” he sings over an explosion of distortion. JW

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