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Drake – Rich Baby Daddy ft. Sexyy Red & SZA

Fresh from supporting Drake on his It’s All a Blur tour, Sexyy Red blesses his new album For All The Dogs with her trademark raunch on this Miami bass-powered highlight. DR

Tems – Me & U

On your first listen of Tems’ latest Me & U, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Nigerian singer has fallen head over heels into a new romance. But, when she sings I don’t need nothing /​You are my everything,” it turns out she’s actually reflecting on her journey of self-discovery. With a tender guitar riff throughout, the song is less about finding love and more about directing it towards herself and her faith. Only me and you,” she repeats over the chorus. A fitting, self-possessed mantra to stay grounded. OP

Rainy Miller & Space Afrika – Sweet (I’m Free) ft. RenzNiro & Iceboy Violet

Close allies (and Face cover stars) Rainy Miller and Space Afrika recently announced their joint project A Grisaille Wedding – a merging of the emotive, experimental soundscapes they’ve been cooperatively crafting in recent years. On the second single Sweet (I’m Free), Manchester-based artists RenzNiro and Iceboy Violet rap about pain and perseverance over a distorted collage of voices and synths, which surge with sadness and euphoria. DR

Jeshi – Paid Partnership

Jeshi isn’t messing around with the promo for his upcoming EP, The Great Stink, which features a parody perfume advert. The EP’s lead single maintains the anti-establishment stance of the rapper’s 2022 album Universal Credit while taking on a more playful tone, mocking the exhausting hustle of the modern music industry. JW

AntsLive – Captain Ants

North London’s most irreverent rapper returns with Captain Ants, a track featuring slick Latin guitar licks and Ants’ trademark braggadocio. The song’s lyrics are filled with pop culture references (Tony Soprano, Scorsese, Gavin and Stacey) and witty provocations, but the cherry on top is the surreal, globe-trotting music video. Directed by frequent collaborator Tom Emmerson, the director behind Ants’ viral video for Number One Candidate, it would be remiss to listen to Captain Ants without running it up alongside. JW

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