These people quit their jobs because Beyoncé told them to

On new single Break My Soul, Bey said: hand in your notice. This lot have only gone and done it.

The Great Resignation of 2022 is here, and it’s all thanks to Beyoncé. Yesterday she made her long-awaited comeback with the release of Break My Soul, the house-inflected track in which she sings: Now, I just fell in love /​And I just quit my job /​I’m gonna find new drive /​Damn, they work me so damn hard /​Work by nine /​Then off past five /​ And they work my nerves /​That’s why I cannot sleep at night.”

Amen! Who exactly is working her so hard – and contractually setting her hours as nine to five – is besides the point. Beyoncé wants you to live your dream. Beyoncé wants you to go freelance. Beyoncé supports the national rail strikes and industrial action in general. As soon as the track was released, frenzied headlines like Beyonce fans are about to cause skyrocketing unemployment emerged. And actually – genuinely – there are some fans who’ve just handed in their notices at Bey’s prompt. Girlboss culture is officially over.

Need proof? We spoke to five people who’ve handed in their notices due to Queen B’s burnout anthem. P45s pending.

I worked as security at a produce company on night shifts. I felt energised when I first listened to Break My Soul. I was distracted because I was contemplating my entire life and my choices, but also pumped at the beat she had just released. It was a breath of fresh air from her, and a side of her I felt coming. I feel super relaxed now that I’ve quit my job. I won’t be pressured to live my life when the sun is down anymore, and I can get regular doses of vitamin D now that I don’t have to sleep during the day. I plan to be outside all summer, dancing to her album.”

– Vianna, 22

I was working at Chipotle for the summer before grad school. I feel great [having left my job]. I was tired of working there, plus I have other jobs lined up. I’m pursuing my own passions, so I have the freedom to do so at a greater capacity now and I’m thankful for that. I was elated because Renaissance is a significant cultural moment. Beyoncé, a Black woman 25-plus years into her career, still has world-stopping power and gifted us a single that’ll carry us for the next month into the album. In my life there has been no one close to that, so this song is just a reminder that she’s still that!

– Aasir, 23

I was a senior associate for a Fortune 500 company. It’s hard to describe how I felt hearing the track! It was very much like a sign. I had been going back and forth for quite some time, feeling very fed up and unhappy, and hearing her tell me to let it go and live authentically, I said, You know what, B? You’re right!’ I drafted my resignation letter and sent it. I’ve accepted a new job in healthcare, which I’ve been wanting to be in for a long time. Shout out to Beyoncé for the encouragement! I needed that!”

– Katt, 30

The job I quit was at a well-known coffee chain. I’d been there for three years – I didn’t like working there any more, it was draining. My other job is at a local theatre where I stage manage. Once I heard Queen B say, I just quit my job’, I knew. That night I decided I’m not going in tomorrow, I need to stop being stuck in a place I don’t wanna be and find something better for myself. Anyone who knows me knows I love Beyoncé. Hearing Break My Soul made me feel empowered, free, and [gave me] who-gives-a-fuck energy. I feel fucking awesome, honestly! It was a moment in my life, and I am now on my next chapter. So honestly, thanks to Beyoncé for helping me finalise my last decision in becoming my greater self.”

– Giselle, 22

For months on end I’ve been contemplating leaving my job [as an assistant]. I was asking the universe to send me a sign that I should quit. I felt lost, as if my dreams were going to waste the longer I stayed there. My friends saw how stressed I was and invited me to have drinks with them one evening. All of a sudden, I heard her voice. As soon as I heard her say and I just quit my job,’ I knew what had to be done. I called up my boss in the middle of the club, song playing in the background, three drinks in. It felt like divine timing. I’m currently pursuing my dreams of being a full-time content creator.”

– Veronica, 22

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