LOEWE takes the plunge into bath care

Spanish fashion house LOEWE has added self care to its bow, following a series of addictive fragrances and cult scented candles. Inspired by Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick’s legendary early ‘70s Ibiza store and hang-out spot Paula’s Boutique, frequented by the likes of Donna Summer and Freddie Mercury, the brand’s namesake lives on in the spirit of its luxury wellness offering. The body lotion has the same woody grounding and orange floral notes as the Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic fragrance and a Balearic sensibility infuses the body scrub, which contains Ibizan salt crystals and ground olive stones (all sourced in Spain, of course). It’s made to be applied to wet skin and then rinsed to reveal softer, more hydrated skin – ideal for dance floor-ready limbs.

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