10 ways you can help and support Afghanistan

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In the aftermath of violence in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban, we’ve put together a list of charities that continue to fight in aid of its citizens.

Over the past few days, the whole of Afghanistan, and especially its capital city, Kabul, has experienced a devastating power shift. As a result of ill-thought-out US withdrawal from the country after 20 years of conflict, the country’s government has fallen, leaving the Taliban to take over.

The uncertainty and danger now facing millions of Afghans threaten a humanitarian crisis with disastrous consequences. Some are trying to flee, others have been displaced from their homes and lost their income, while many more — especially women and children — face brutality and persecution after years of trying to build a future for themselves. Right now, access to food, shelter, basic healthcare and, most importantly, lives, is on the line.

Below, we’ve put together a list of charities and organisations you can donate to in order to help Afghanistan and its population.

Women for Refugee Women

As an organisation that seeks to empower refugee women who seek asylum in the UK, Women for Refugee Women helps those who are escaping impossible situations in order for them to rebuild their lives and tell their stories. Read this post from the organisation in solidarity with Afghan women, which urges the government to ensure girls and women can come into the country without facing persecution.


Afghanaid is currently providing emergency, life-saving assistance to men, women and children who have been affected by the crisis. Many have lost their homes and livelihoods and, as a result, the charity has re-opened some of its offices to support remote, rural Afghan communities. Click here to donate.


Islamic Relief

Founded in the UK by doctors and activists, Islamic Relief is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) that has responded to disasters around the world since 1984. Now, the organisation is urgently appealing for us to send help to millions of Afghans who are struggling to put food on the table. Donate here — £50 to provide hygiene and water storage kits, £100 for a month’s worth of food packs for a family, or £550 to provide emergency shelter.


The International Rescue Committee

As violence threatens to escalate in Afghanistan, the IRC has made a commitment to serve those whose lives have been turned upside down by conflict there. Afghan civilians are in danger right now. In response, the IRC has launched a $10 million appeal in order for its teams to deliver lifesaving aid and protection for displaced people, especially in Kabul. Click here to help.

British Red Cross

The Red Cross have been working on the ground in Afghanistan for 30 years, to help its population navigate the life-threatening realities of the pandemic, flash floods, food shortages and, now, dangerous conflict with the Taliban. Donate here to help provide food, shelter, and basic medical supplies.

Enabled Children Initiative

ECI runs a private care home in Kabul to support young disabled Afghans who have been abandoned or orphaned. It provides in-home schooling and healthcare to some of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable children, with donations going directly to them and their caretakers. Click here to help.

Children Without Borders

This GoFundMe organised by Children Without Borders, a charity whose vision is to eradicate child labour in Afghanistan, is nearing its goal. 100 per cent of proceeds will be given to displaced families who have lost their homes and income, so that they can survive the crisis.

Afghan Learning Academy

According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Afghanistan’s uprooted population currently stands at a staggering 3.5 million. In aid of this growing humanitarian crisis, non-profit Afghan Learning Academy is raising funds for volunteers to help those most in need of food, shelter and first aid. Click here to donate.


Choose Love

Via Choose Love, you can buy essentials kits and bundles for Afghan refugees and their families. From hot meals to mental health support, the organisation helps get urgent services to displaced communities along migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border.

Baba Mazari Foundation

Community initiative BMF has teamed up with World Hazara Council in order to distribute $100,000 of emergency aid to victims of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as thousands of families continue to flee their homes and violence threatens to escalate. Click here to help them reach their goal.

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