Audio: From Europe With Love, Kiddy Smile

The Parisian DJ-singer-actor-vogue baller remembers the time he fell in love with Berlin.

Taken from our From Europe with Love series

Listen now: Kiddy Smile on Berlin

Audio transcription:

Berlin it’s the place where, you know I do electronic music, and you get to experiment on electronic music over there, so I go there a lot. I go there to work. I also go there to listen to music, to listen to friends. I really like the freedom that you can get in Berlin.

I think my first time was performing for the Berlin Festival. I was invited to DJ and I really didn’t have an opinion on Berlin because I’d travelled before to Germany when I was a dancer and the hip hop competitions happened in Germany. I went there, but it was not really experiencing Germany, but when I went to Berlin for the Berlin Festival, we stayed in Kreuzberg and we got to hang out and walk a little and we mixed with German people, because when you do the dance competition it’s people from all over the world and you guys know each other and you go to the venue, the hotel and the restaurant and back to the hotel and you don’t see the city. And I thought, I think like it.” And one day in the summertime — which is very different then — and one of my friends was like, Oh, let’s go to Berghain,” and I went to Berghain and I completely fell in love with the club and thought, I need to go back.” It’s good music, it’s a good atmosphere, the club is packed. I just like the vibe, you know and there’s a lot of people from different countries. I always meet new friends. I think that year I went back five times!

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