From Europe With Love, Wal­ter Pfeiffer

The Swiss artist recalls his glory days living in Genoa, London and Paris.

Audio tran­scrip­tion:

I was in Lon­don dur­ing 1995 in Whitechapel at Smithy Street it’s on the cor­ner, near to Whitechapel sta­tion and there I had this won­der­ful stu­dio. It was a grand dec­o­ra­tion and all I did was walk­ing and hik­ing through the South of Lon­don or the North. I bought a book Hikes Around Lon­don.

I went to Genoa and also in Paris and New York. In Genoa, I was all seclud­ed in an old covenant. They gave it to me and I was paint­ing, paint­ing, paint­ing, not one pic­ture. It was in the mid­dle of the his­tor­i­cal old town in this very tiny street. That’s when I was fin­ish­ing pho­tograph­ing, you know, after this book with the boy faces. I had enough, real­ly, so I get retired, feel com­plete­ly unknown and then I came back with the Wel­come Aboard book where my pho­to­graph­ic career start­ed slowly. 

In Paris I had to do this book. It was before I did a lit­tle draw­ing you see it in the book with the ink that most­ly I was there to pho­to­graph for this exhi­bi­tion in the Kun­sthalle Basel with those boy faces where I did only the faces of boys. I was there sev­en months, or some­thing, oppo­site Île Saint-Louis.

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