State of emergency

Extinction Rebellion take to the streets of London, demanding that the government take action on the climate crisis.

Amidst the hoo-ha of the Brex­it will we, won’t we’ and Trump’s end­less social com­men­tary on Twit­ter (fly­ing water tankers to put out the Notre Dame Cathe­dral fire – real­ly?), politi­cians are ignor­ing an unprece­dent­ed glob­al emer­gency. Human­i­ty is now fac­ing a life or death sit­u­a­tion, and cli­mate change is fast approach­ing the point of no return. Extinc­tion Rebel­lion is an inter­na­tion­al socio-polit­i­cal activist group that’s refus­ing to be silenced, and through non-vio­lent civ­il dis­obe­di­ence they’re demand­ing that gov­ern­ments tell the truth, act now and cre­ate a solu­tion that goes beyond politics.

Whilst their protests may be peace­ful, they’re not afraid to show some teeth, and for the next two weeks they will be shut­ting down key loca­tions across Cen­tral Lon­don to stage an inter­na­tion­al cli­mate rebel­lion”. Occu­py­ing Water­loo Bridge, Oxford Cir­cus and Pic­cadil­ly Cir­cus, a man don­ning a sparkling cen­taur get-up and wield­ing a Cli­mate change is real… unlike cen­taur” plac­ard, a group of bone-shud­der­ing drum­mers and rebels of all ages gath­er to make some noise. 

Listen now: Tell The Truth, Oxford Circus
Listen now: Love, Piccadilly Circus
Listen now: Act Now, Waterloo Bridge

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