State of emergency

Extinction Rebellion take to the streets of London, demanding that the government take action on the climate crisis.

Amidst the hoo-ha of the Brexit will we, won’t we’ and Trump’s endless social commentary on Twitter (flying water tankers to put out the Notre Dame Cathedral fire – really?), politicians are ignoring an unprecedented global emergency. Humanity is now facing a life or death situation, and climate change is fast approaching the point of no return. Extinction Rebellion is an international socio-political activist group that’s refusing to be silenced, and through non-violent civil disobedience they’re demanding that governments tell the truth, act now and create a solution that goes beyond politics.

Whilst their protests may be peaceful, they’re not afraid to show some teeth, and for the next two weeks they will be shutting down key locations across Central London to stage an international climate rebellion”. Occupying Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, a man donning a sparkling centaur get-up and wielding a Climate change is real… unlike centaur” placard, a group of bone-shuddering drummers and rebels of all ages gather to make some noise.

Listen now: Tell The Truth, Oxford Circus
Listen now: Love, Piccadilly Circus
Listen now: Act Now, Waterloo Bridge

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