Marxism, on my TikTok?!

Political science grad and “Midwestern Marxist” @eddieligersmith uses facts to explain politics to his rapt TikTok audience.

TikTok is the encyclopaedia of our modern times. Just the other day, I found an entire account dedicated to the geographic phenomena that are spooky lakes. Natural curiosities that might seem weird to talk about in real life, become weirdly addictive with a bit of slick editing, closed captions and maybe a soundtrack.

Eddie Liger Smith, a recent college grad, has made it his mission to buoy up the working class with 30-second to one minute explanations of current politics. An explanation of America’s sanctions on Venezuela’s oil economy? Smith’s got it. How Trump has hollowed out OSHA amidst a global pandemic, screwing over workers? Just ask Smith. Or are you curious about the different facets of Liberalism, but would rather an alligator tell you? Here’s Smith, dressed up in an alligator onesie.

Perhaps it’s moot to point out that a college graduate can better explain foreign policy or the struggles of the working class better than our sitting president (or his press secretary) can explain, well, anything. Whatever your political leanings, Smith bases all of his videos on facts and knowledge he has picked up at university – and his succinct and passionate TikToks make for compelling viewing.

Click the questions below to see Smith debunk eight Gordian political questions in TikTok-length clips. And follow him on TikTok!

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