Photos from the clap for carers

Photography by Theo Cottle

Every Thursday at 8pm the nation sticks its head out the window to applaud the NHS staff and key workers tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Here, photographers from across the UK, capture the moment.

Theo Cottle in London
Megan Winstone in Cardiff
Max Tomlinson in London
Harry Clark in Ipswich, Suffolk
Jack Kenyon in London
Oliver Marshall in Bermondsey, London
Yasmine Akim in Hither Green, London
Libby Burke Wilde in London
Vivek Vadoliya in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Photography by Vivek Vadoliya

Nerys Jones in Haringey, London
Laura Coulson in Clapton, London
Jet Swan in Ramsgate, Kent
Matt Kelly in London
Megan Winstone in Cardiff, Wales
Kathryn MacDonald in Morecambe, Lancashire
Kyran Bates in Accrington, Lancashire
Sophie Wedgwood in Peckham, London
Kamila Lozinska in Bristol
Gracie Brackstone in London
Debbie Elliott in Benfleet, Essex
Ronan Gallagher in London
Jesse Glazzard in Bethnal Green, London
Megan Winstone in Cardiff
David East in Nunhead, London
T-Bone Fletcher in London
Will Grundy in London
Daniel Cheetham in Manchester
Phoebe Arnstein in Hackney, London
Liam Hart in Basingstoke
Sara Carpentieri in Manchester
Owen Harvey in Hertfordshire
Roshan Whittaker in Newquay, Cornwall
Piczo in London
Nik Hartley in Lancashire, north west England
Oscar Eckel in London
Lewis Vorn in Barmouth, north Wales
Jay Johnson in Stretford, Manchester
Markn in London
Megan Winstone in Cardiff, Wales
Scott Gallagher in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Serena Brown in London
Will Scarborough in London
Ami Hughes in Stoke Newington, north-east London
Glenn Kitson in London
Jennifer McCord in Stratford, London
Trackie McLeod in Glasgow, Scotland
Grace Bristo in west London
Ivan Ruberto in Bow, east London
Harry Mitchell in London
Grace Snellock in Honor Oak, south London
Scott Gallagher in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ollie Trenchard in London
Anton Gottlob in Hackney, east London
Lauren Maccabee in Manchester
Roxy Lee in Hackney, east London
Miriam Woodburn in London
Jermaine Francis in London
Kuba Ryniewicz in Newcastle
Hannah Dunsmore in Brighton
Ian Weldon in Newcastle
Felicity Ingram in London
Stephanie Francis-Shanahan in London
Ethan J Hart in London
Joshua Osborne in London
Eva Nunney in Cornwall
Raminta Ceponyte in Southampton
Fumi Homma in London
Mona Bakht in London
Romain Duquesne in London


Francis Plummer in London
Raphael Bliss in Sussex
Finn Constantine in Scotland
Tegen Williams
Rosie Marks in London
Oscar Eckel in London
Lauren Maccabee in Manchester
Bex Day in London

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