50 years of the Superstar

A gallery through 50 years of the adidas shelltoe.

Now in its 50th year, the adidas Superstar is a shoe nestled at the intersection of sneakers, streetwear and rap, worn by B‑ballers, hip-hoppers, acid jazzers and singers over the years. From the moment that hip-hop trio Run-DMC cemented the shoe’s iconic pop cultural status in the mid-1980s with their track My Adidas, through to its reworks by pop culture icon Pharrell Williams and avant-garde fashion designer Rick Owens – the Superstar was, and still is, a cultural signifier.

The Superstar’s iconic status is an amalgam of the very same reference points that gave rise to streetwear – hip-hop, skateboarding and sportswear – all of which are reflected in the Superstar archives. From collaborations with A Bathing Ape, to a bespoke run of Beastie Boys Superstars – journey through 50 years of the adidas shelltoe in the gallery below.

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