Cobrasnake’s riotous fashion month diary

We enlisted the legendary photographer to report on every style event worth its salt in London, Paris and Milan, from backstage at the shows to the after parties. This is what he saw and had to say about the month-long marathon.

Hi Cobrasnake, what was your fashion month highlight?

The whole month was insane! Going from New York to London to Milan to Paris. I haven’t done that in a while – it felt so nice seeing so many familiar faces and meeting tons of new people as well.

What about your lowlight? There’s always a low point…

Showing up to shoot a party without a memory card and a dead camera battery…

That’ll do it! Which celebrity do you reckon attended the most shows?

Julia Fox!

And she turned out some serious looks. Who else would you say was well dressed?

Tommy Cash. Every look was iconic.

OK, best party? Discuss.

It’s a toss up between the Marni party and the Ann Demeulemeester party. The balloon drop at Marni was iconic, it really felt like I was at the end of a rainbow. But the Ann D party felt like it was 2007 again: shirtless rock star DJ’s playing I Wanna Be Your Dog on repeat on a super sweaty dance floor.

We love a sweaty dance floor. Who wins the award for Party Monster of the season?

There’s a throuple and I can’t choose just one, I love them all. Julia [Fox], Richie [Shazam] and Briana [Andalore]. They are the strongest It Girls since Red Bull vodka!

On the topic of party people, did you make any new friends?

Lyas( from Paris. I’ve been obsessed with his fashion reviews and we became fast friends, from photographing him front row at GCDS to hanging out multiple times in Milan and Paris. It felt like I was on a world tour with my new bestie!

We love a fashion week meet-cute! What’s the most outrageous thing you saw?

The amount of backstage photographers!

And the most mind-boggling?

The prices at McDonald’s!

More expensive in Europe but equally delicious. Which collection do you want to wear most?

Vetements’ South Park merch and camo pants – that gave me a serotonin boost and a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling.

What song would you use to describe the season?

Whatever the new Charli XCX song is!

You mean Von Dutch! I couldn’t agree more. OK, last question: what should we remember for next time around?

Stay hydrated and invite me to more shows and parties!

Got it.

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