Big ol’ boots from GANT and Diemme

The American sportswear giant has teamed up with the fancy Italian footwear brand to create a super sexy hiking boot that far outweighs anything you’ll find in Millets.

GANT is doing the tarantella with Diemme. The preppy American sportswear giant has collaborated with the luxe Italian footwear label for the first time. It’s an Italian American match made in heaven. Like Frankie and Benny’s. Or The Sopranos. Even Robert De Niro. Friends from either side of the pond making flashy hiking boots – ones that can take you from the cobbled streets of Milano to the mountains of Wyoming. Grandioso, buddy!

Specs at the ready – the boots are all about the detail. They’re crafted in Diemme’s artisanal factory about an hour north of Venice. They feature – vegans: turn away now – full-grain, vegetable-dyed cowhide leather that gives the boots a super-sexy brown finish. They’re finished with non-tonal rubber trims meaning you can hike safe without the fear of falling on your ass, all the while protecting your feet from rocks, mud, road salt… pretty much anything but a grizzly bear. They’re comfortable, too: GANT and Diemme have thoughtfully added a soft calfskin leather lining and a cushioned latex compound sole. Proper comfort, that.

All of this, and the boots (priced at £360) come in three colourways: persimmon orange, dry sand and solar power yellow, as well as a variant of lace colours so you can change things up mid-mountain, if you so wish.

Both GANT and Diemme have a history of making durable gear manufactured to within an inch of its life. Craftsmanship, high-quality design, that sort of thing. So never mind the price tag, these boots might have been made for walkin’, but they’re made for lastin’, too!

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