Chatting shit with the Gypsy Sport kids

The New York-based brand held their casting call at The Face Apartment on Bleecker Street. Here’s what went down.

It’s easy to envy the life of a model, but behind all the smoke, mirrors, hairspray fumes, and clouds of Evian water is a whole lot of downtime. Sharp cheekbones and strikingly symmetrical features, yes, but also, downtime.

Ahead of the Gypsy Sport SS20 show, we popped into the casting – held at the Face Apartment – to take advantage of that downtime. While there, Rio Uribe, the label’s founder and creative director, explained that he never goes for the obvious choice when casting his shows. I really like to look for individuality, confidence, and bodies or people that don’t usually have a chance in fashion,” he said.

So while the fresh-faced crowd waited to get their photo taken at the casting, we took the opportunity to grill them with some of our most hard-hitting questions. Read on to find out where the best hiding spots are around the city, who’s cancelled, and which local designers to put on your radar – all according to the twenty-somethings walking Gypsy Sport’s Spring SS20 runway.

Tommy Playboy, 20

What is your biggest worry?

Not being prepared – being bloated on the runway; that’s scary. To have a messed-up stomach right before you walk? You’ll feel awful in your garment.

Where is your favourite place to hide in the city?

SoHo. Around Mercer, where all the stores are.

You think that’s a good place to hide?

The blocks get tinier and tinier so you get to hide sort of in the cut, in the block, in the side of the block, or in the alleyway. You know, you find little cuts. You gotta stay in the cut.

What shows or parties are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to The Blondes, I’m looking forward to Laquan Smith. I’m really excited to be showing off my new looks.

Julian Drabik, 28

What’s one thing that you would never wear?

Anything of religious significance.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do at a casting?

Uhh I don’t go to castings, I work in the boxing gym downstairs, I just wanted to go to this. Actually, I’ve gone to a couple castings.

Favourite hiding spot in the city?

Probably my mom’s house – I’m from here – so somewhere in Park Slope or Prospect Park.

Trey Dickinson, 21

Your craziest Fashion Week story?

Last fashion week, FW19, it’s my first fashion week. I’m walking for Telfar, and I’m going to Palm Angels afterparty over at The Oak I believe. And I got in some 15 minutes of fame type shit. I’m dancing, and I got into this section and I don’t know who paid for it, and I’m drinking these drinks that I didn’t pay for but they’re fabulous. I bump into this girl and I turn around and apologize and the lights are flashing and I see that it’s Slick Woods. And Slick Woods looks at me and is like, Oh, it’s fine.” We dance together for a second and I turn around and I realize I’m in a room full of a lot of people and I’m just trying to play it cool.

What’s your favourite item of clothing that you own?

I have a piece per category. This vintage Falcons jacket – it’s black it has the embroidery and it has the Falcons across the back. It’s crazy. These jeans that I’ve literally had since I was 14, these old 510 Levi’s torn to pieces. And this long-sleeved Harley Davidson tee that’s acid-washed and ripped at the edges. Oh, and my dreads.

Ashton Oliver, 24

Favourite place to cry in the city?

I like the park in the Flatiron district, you know the one right where the Stacky Shake is? Steaky Shack?

Shake Shack?


Where are you from?

Mississippi. I live here though.

What are you looking forward to this NYFW?

I’m just trying to do these castings and then after these, I’m trying to turn up and go to the parties.

Any tricks for staying fresh after the parties?

I just go home and do my skincare. You gotta put on black soap stuff – it smells better than charcoal. And then you do the Nivea. And sometimes if you’re feeling fancy you put a little toner on.

Connie Fleming, “none of your fucking business”

Are you looking forward to this NYFW?

Yeah, it’s always interesting and exciting for New York and for the design community. Whether you’re a young designer or more established, it’s a way to get your message out to the world.

Which local designers are you most excited about?

The Blondes and Gypsy Sport, of course. And I’m interested to see what’s going to happen at Oscar de la Renta.

Favourite hiding spot in the city?

My favourite spot to hide would be by the Brooklyn Bridge.

K.I. Rohas, 22

What’s your most memorable fashion week story?

We went to the fucking Telfar show and shit, my son Jason walked the runway, we ended up getting in the fucking debut, going backstage and shit, making connections and whatnot. I’ve always been in the scene, but it’s always my brother doing the runway, I’ve never been on the runway myself – I make music, so I’ve always just been on the sidelines looking at this shit.

What kind of music do you make?

I’m an artist, I’m a rapper. I sing as well.

Whose style are you into?

I’m way into the punk scene and shit. I like dressing like a punk star, like with the plaid and the chains, all that freaky shit. But I’m from the hood too so if I want to switch it up, I be on that hood shit like crazy. It just depends on what I want to throw on.

Emily Manwaring, 20

If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

It would definitely be Rihanna. Like, I have to see her shit. I have to see her clothes. Rihanna is a fashion icon to me.

I recently read that she bought Gabriel Held’s entire archive of Baby Phat.

This is Baby Phat! [picks up bag] Yeah, I’m not too happy about Baby Phat and the Forever 21 collection, but that’s another story.

Are there any parties or shows you’re looking forward to?

I mean, in New York there’s always a party that pops up the day-of that I’m excited for. I’m also looking forward to the Gypsy Sport show and No Sesso, another brand I really like.

What is your first fashion-related memory?

I guess it’s when I started to really express myself in clothes, which was in freshman year of high school. I wore these huge creepers with this plaid skirt that I cut up. I went to a school where you usually don’t see that type of style so they were making fun of me and shit and taking pictures of me, but it’s funny because they do it now, so they took what I did.

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