How can I dress like Chloë Sevigny?

Get the Look: The coolest woman on the planet gets The Kimbino treatment this week, as THE FACE’s resident personal shopper takes Sevigny’s ultra-style for a spin.

There are few people I consider style icons – those who know what personal style truly is from the core.

One of those happens to be Chloë Sevigny.

A woman with such diverse style and distinct eras both on and off-screen. Her first campaign moment for Miu Miu in 1996 is one of the defining moments where I thought, OK, we’re dealing with a fucking cool chick here. Her outfits are so precise and thoughtful that I’ve always wanted to know her process. While I may never know Chloë’s styling secrets, I wanted to attempt to recreate some of my favourite looks for THE FACE readers. Anyway, enough chit chat. Let’s hit it.


It’s safe to say that for those who have seen Y2K horror American Psycho, it’s blood-curdling scenes have probably stayed with them. Now, whether your feelings about the context of the grotesque slasher are good or bad, what you can’t deny are how jaw-dropping the clothes are.

The look I’m recreating today was conceptualised by costume designer Isis Mussenden. She put Chloë’s soft-spoken character, Jean, in a Calvin Klein dress, and the rest is history.

To start our look, I obviously had to find a CK tube dress (do I get points for it being vintage?), which I paired with a pair of plaid Miu Miu pumps that just so happen to be in my size. A blazer by Frankie was needed to round out the outfit and, of course, a clutch by Nanushka. To accessorise, I’m guilty of adding a pricy Givenchy necklace to your wish list.

Picture yourself wearing this to a niche dinner spot with your friends – NOT a hot but creepy guy from work. We all know how that story ends…


Some of you may know that I’m a mother to a little boy, so when I saw that Chloë and I were pregnant at the same time, I totally felt more connected to her (is that crazy?).

Anyway, her style as a new mother doesn’t miss a beat, and even if you don’t have a kid, you should still take notes. This Ganni dress is something of dreams. The way it’s structured along with the pattern of the material – mwah. I paired it with Ganni boots because I honestly just fell in love with the brand recently.

If you’re constantly on the go, you’re going to need a bag that can keep up with you. That’s why I recommend investing in a bag from Sunnei, the Labauletto to be exact. I was lucky enough to acquire one a few days ago. It comes everywhere with me now!


As much as we’d all like to think we’re somebody’s muse, it’s rarely the case. Sorry.

But I strongly believe Chloë had a spell on Nicolas Ghesquière during his time at Balenciaga. For me, I feel my muses are the readers – I just want y’all to look and feel your best.

I was so inspired by you all that I found this vintage Balenciaga tank top. And to go with it are these versatile Chanel pants which would be an addition to your archive that you’d get so many wear out of. A vintage Balenciaga City Bag only seemed necessary for my muse. Who wants to run around town with your hands full when you could just throw it all in this incredible bag?

These padded DSquared2 heels add the perfect soft touch to an edgy look, and YSL rings are an absolute must. They can also double as weapons of destruction if anyone ever tries you.

I hope these looks live up to the Sevigny fantasy that I wanted to create for you all. Even just one of these pieces that I’ve picked out could transform how you see the rest of your wardrobe.

But enough babbling from me, I know you’re all very important people.

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