Talking hair with Kiyoko Odo

Stella wears jacket PRADA

The wig wizard talks us through seven of her spectacular ​‘dos inspired by Japanese cartoons, neoclassical chandeliers and 18th Century Pouf hairstyles.

Images tak­en from The Face Vol­ume 4 Issue 005. Order your copy here.

Kiyoko Odo is a self-confessed Marie Antoinette addict. I love the Marie Antoinette era so much,” explains the Shimonoseki-born, London-based hair stylist who’s previously spun barristerial-leaning wigs for Kiko Kostadinov and fashioned tight Little Bo Peep curls for Yuhan Wang. 18th Century hair designs make me so excited. I would have enjoyed it so much if I was a hairdresser during that era!”

Odo was able to play out her wildest fantasy on the pages in Issue 05 of THE FACE via Hair Apparent, a fashion story photographed by Hanna Moon, styled by Danielle Emerson and shot on the streets of London. The wigs I’ve made come from a hypothetical world in which my friends exist in the Marie Antoinette era,” Odo explains. These are the kinds of hair styles I would make for them.” The stylist’s other influences include the dress codes of Japanese orian (high level courtesans) and kawaii culture – the latter an influence that runs through Odo’s work having grown up reading Harajuku street-style bible FRUiTS magazine. Below, Odo talks us through seven of her spectacular​‘dos inspired by Japanese cartoons, chandeliers and 18th Century Pouf hairstyles.

I made this one for my friend Nami Yoshida who did the make up for this shoot. To me, she’s very zen, so I wanted to make this part her style and part Marie Antoinette.”

Stella wears dress and trousers ANDREAS KRONTHALER FOR VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and earrings SLIM BARRETT

I used to love Japanese kawaii style. This hair style is based on a Japanese cartoon character called Candy Candy.”

Stella wears jacket PRADA

This one is inspired by a broken chandelier. This hair would have been worn by a rebel during the French neoclassical era.”

Stella wears cardigan BOTTEGA VENETA, bra Saint Laurent BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO, trousers MUGLER and gloves MARC JACOBS

I would recommend this wig for a person who likes tomboy, masculine style.”


This one is inspired by Japanese orian style.”

Stella wears dress and shoes BALENCIAGA and tights FABIAN KIS-JUHASZ

I made this wig for Danielle Emerson who styled the story. I see her as an elegant rabbit.”

Stella wears dress, shirt and gloves GUCCI

This one is based on a bear head from a stuffed toy. I made it for fun!”

Make-up: Nami Yoshida

Nails: Chisato Yamamoto

Model: Stella Jones at Kate Moss Agency

Photographer’s assistants: Abi Gualtieri, Joe Reddy

Stylist’s assistant: Borys Korban

Hair assistants: Kyosuke, Anton

Make-up assistant: Yoko

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