The results are in! This is your 90s style tribe

It’s time for a fashion-focused pop quiz courtesy of THE FACE and Levi’s®. Taken the quiz and wondering if you're a preppy princess or a Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge geek? Here's the answer.


You’re a paid-up member of the preppy tribe: your tiny handbag is always in the crook of your arm, and you thrive most with a sweater around your shoulders, texting about other people’s business. You know everyone, so your parties are always legendary. Your dream holiday is skiing (only for the clothes, though – no extreme sports for you, thanks) and you worship at the style altar of Clueless’ Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport, so you know the power of a co-ord, and you love an argyle print. The thing you fear most is being seen in a sub-par outfit, but just because you know how to throw a look together doesn’t mean you aren’t also planning world domination. You’re smart and determined and your dream job is nothing short of Prime Minister – after all, it’s really about time they started wearing pink in the House of Commons…


You’re part of the music-loving grunge tribe and feel most at home crowd surfing over a sweaty moshpit. Your fashion sense is inspired by rockstars past and present, from Kurt Cobain to beabadoobee, and your style choices tend to be artfully oversized – stripy jumpers and combat trousers, always worn with chunky lace-up boots that you’d sleep in if you could. Makeup-wise, your go-to technique mostly just involves thick black eyeliner (a lot of it), though your idea of dressing up doesn’t go much further than a Courtney Love-esque camisole – with fishnets if you’re feeling fancy. Your hobbies include knowing more about the Smashing Pumpkins than every guy who asks you to name two of their albums,” flicking through records at your local charity shop and smashing out guitar solos at band practice in your friend’s garage – the Glastonbury headline slot, you feel, is definitely incoming.


You’re a proud geek who belongs to the tribe of Seth Cohen and Lisa Simpson. For you, staying home for a Sofia Coppola film marathon or reading an Amanda Gorman collection is a lot more satisfying than going out to a rager, and your bedroom is your sanctuary, covered in movie posters and magazine cut-outs. Your favourite everyday look is High Rise jeans, T‑shirt, and cute cardigan combo, with an easy slick of mascara. You identify hard with Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed and you had an intense Twilight phase (which you say is over now – at least it’s half true…), though lately, you’ve spent most of your time on Reddit piecing together fan theories about Euphoria and Yellowjackets – all-important homework, of course, because one day it’ll be your name in the end credits.

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