How do I dress for a pregnancy reveal like Rihanna’s?

Get the Look: With the Biggest News Ever dropping on Monday, The Kimbino felt it was only right to dedicate this week’s column to the art of the celeb pregnancy reveal.

In this brand spanking new column, Instagram’s favourite fashion historian Kim Russell, AKA The Kimbino, will be taking pop culture moments and turning them into super cool looks for you. She’ll scour the deep depths of Depop, plucking out the hottest new finds and saluting the Big Names week after week, while dissecting the sartorial styles of your favourite stars like a lab frog. Better start saving those pennies…

It’s only natural for me to weigh in on Monday’s groundbreaking, Earth-shattering pregnancy reveal from pop culture and celebrity royalty. In case you missed it, Rihanna and her man (A$AP Rocky) stepped out in New York City’s sub-zero temperatures to announce their most precious collaboration and, of course, they did it in top tier style.

The mother-to-be had us floored in a shocking pink Chanel AW96 puffer coat, with vintage Christian Lacroix jewels adorning her beautiful womb. In true Rih style, she donned a pair of wide-leg Vetements jeans that glided along the concrete and the wet snow. A trip hazard? Yes. But hey, it’s Rih.

Now, I have to admit that my pregnancy reveal in 2020 was not nearly as glamorous. It was more of a messy tweet freaking out about a missed period. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the capacity to build your very own pregnancy reveal look. Today, that is at the top of my agenda.


If you’re anything like Rihanna, I assume you want to go big or go home when revealing your pregnancy. Sure, most of you readers probably aren’t celebrities and the people in your life will likely know if you’ve got a bun toasting in the oven. But for the outside world, I’m definitely up for making a scene.

So, I’ve set the tone for your pregnancy scenario by finding this sickening cobwebbed knitted shirt from Raf Simons circa 1998 and a pair of slashed up jeans from Born.Twins (you may have to wait for them to come into stock). You’ll probably need a simple bandeau from Skims to keep the tata’s in, which can be reused in your wardrobe on many other occasions. To accessorise, you might want to pick and choose gorgeous pieces from By Lolita, which is always cute and affordable.

There’s no other shoe that makes a statement quite like the Jahleel bootie by Amina Muaddi, although it could break the bank – think of it as a push present”. My latest dream bag is the Cagole by Balenciaga. It’s the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. Personally, I’d choose pink or orange for a pop of colour. I mean, we’re celebrating, right?

Kylie Jenner

Looking for something super bright and colourful to reflect the joy of your baby news? Turn to Kylie Jenner for inspiration, who also recently revealed she’s pregnant (for the second time) and did not disappoint with her maternity wear.

When I thought about building this outfit, I imagined the places I wanted to go when I was pregnant, one of those being the cinema. For the epic walk from the car to the cinema, I began with a Maisie Wilen hoodie and pants in baby pink (lavender is also available). Next, I added a denim jacket, cause we all know how icy cold the cinema can get and, when you’re pregnant, that could either be a great thing or you’ll want to smash the thermostat.

For the feet, I’ve chosen something comfortable, open and cute with Miu Miu’s embellished shearling slides. Again, I’ve splurged on the bag because you’re pregnant (or plan to be) and you deserve it. It’s not easy to grow another human being and all of its organs and bones inside you. Once you’ve purchased your much-needed Fendi baguette, you’re ready to hit the cinema to watch the latest horror flick (we don’t need a romcom – romance is what got you here in the first place).

Ashley Graham

I was lucky enough to go on a babymoon” holiday before I had my bundle of joy. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also want a mini getaway to enjoy some chill time before the beautiful chaos begins.

I found this gorgeous orange creamsicle dress from ASOS to throw over your bikini when hitting a cafe for brunch after your morning swim. The swimsuit I’ve chosen is from Frankies Bikinis and it’s currently sitting in my cart too. It’s somewhere between a bikini and a one piece, which is one of my personal favourite combos.

Yeezy slides are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. When pregnant you definitely need to be kind to your feet, so go ahead and throw a pair in your cart right now.

You can never top a big bag for the beach and Prada has the perfect woven one to help you get used to carrying the entire house with you. With this bag, you can throw in all the skincare essentials, towels, hats, spare clothes, snacks and lip products. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

I hope these looks help you plan, embrace and get excited for your pregnancy. It’s not the easiest change to make, so why not look great while doing it?

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