All under one roof raving

Urban Outfitters has linked up with queer event collective HOWL for a new campaign, reloading the recent resurgence of rave culture. We asked them for some of their biggest bangers to celebrate.

Everyone in fashion is raving mad right now; from high-end labels to grassroots streetwear start-ups, brands across the board are turning to the halcyon days of the Hacienda and getting euphoric. Why? Well, the summer of love’s second fling still lives on within many of us, and, aside from the tunes, it had dead good clobber to boot. With life being a bit rubbish at the moment, it’s never been more satisfying to escape for a night and enter a new utopia, especially if you’re decked-out in baggy pants, track jackets and wraparound glasses.

So, this time around, what’s its name, where is it from and what have you got on? Urban Outfitters, ravers! The brand has just dropped its new party campaign, featuring a perfectly matched mix of new, vintage and reworked UO pieces. Titled Together, We Move”, it’s been made in collaboration with HOWL, a collective putting on queer parties and making their own CBD-infused lube, a true social lubricant if we’ve ever seen one.

For the project, UO and HOWL hit the warehouse together with a batch of club kids, putting on an actual motive to realise their vision. Produced by CAMP Productions, a film company focusing on queer, female and ethnic minority talent, it celebrates free expression and the unity of being all under one roof raving. It’s also shot using mobile-first technology to feel like a proper night out, soundtracked by a jungle roller to get you two-stepping.

On that note, THE FACE enlisted HOWL founder Samuel Douek and his fellow ravers to curate a playlist of the collective’s favourite tracks of the moment, ideal for blasting while getting ready for the night ahead.

Born in 2019, out of a desire to bring different parts of the LGBTQ+ community together under one roof for one night, HOWL has grown into an exciting part of the London rave scene,” he tells THE FACE. For me it is more than just a party, it is a way of life that celebrates diversity, encourages individuality and nurtures the next generation of queer people.”

Go turn your subwoofer on – UO us one!

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