Hear Hank Korsan’s funk and disco mix

The DJ and model delves into vintage grooves to stop your heart from growing cold.

Let’s just be honest: no DJ is going to remember 2020 as a banner year. But there have been a few silver linings. The absence of all that travelling has freed up more time to sit and appreciate music at home. And with less pressure to keep on top of the relentless stream of club-ready releases, a lot of selectors have found themselves digging deeper into the archives of music history.

For Hank Korsan, it’s the warm grooves of funk and disco that are hitting the spot right now. Pre-lockdown, the 22-year-old DJ, producer and model made a name for himself with genre-spanning sets at fashion parties and club nights in Lower Manhattan’s nightlife scene. Over in London, he became best friends forever” with Bone Soda’s Tommy Gold, leading to the collaborative Last to Leave The Party EP – a collection of experimental tracks ranging from yacht rock to chopped n’ screwed hip-hop. Even with clubs closed, Hank’s kept his musical network tight, working with Tommy, A‑Track, A$AP Lou his brother Brock on the Trouble In Paradise project.

For a dose of positive vibes, listen to Hank’s Face Mix below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

I played a bunch of funk and disco tracks that I have been listening to recently. With everything going on in the world, the upbeatness of these songs definitely brings some light to my day. It’s a little more challenging to play unquantised records, but I like the test. I’m working on a funky mixtape, which is dropping soon.

How, if at all, have this year’s restrictions affected your relationship with music?

Without being able to DJ multiple times a week, travel, and constantly learn from others, my intake of music was way different this year. Instead of trying to find the club bangers,” I’ve found myself studying genres and artists that I usually would never cross paths with. I’ve been listening to a lot of funk edits, yacht rock, and dub mixes.

Imagine all the venues are open again and it’s safe to party. What’s your dream night out?

Mmm. Probably just being back in a club, booth monitor blasting, silhouettes of people dancing and moving constantly throughout the night. And of course, surrounded by my friends.

Who would you most like to see on the cover of The Face?

I’d love to see an older soul on the cover. Bootsy Collins, Aalon Butler, or Stevie Nicks.


Evo – Din Don

Heather Haywood – Give It Up

Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m Your Superman

Major Harris – All My Life (Principle Re-Edit)

The Armed Gang – All I Want

Boz Scaggs – Lowdown/​Ya Don’t Stop (Dr. Packers Dirty Mix)

Ziggy Phunk – Dreamin

Unidisco – Was That All It Was (Disco Crystal Edit)

Crazy P – One True Light (Forrest Road Edit)

Evelyn Champagne King – Stop That (Funk Hunk Re-Edit)

France Joli – Gonna Get Over You

Howard Johnson – Say You Wanna

Adam Chini – Don’t Tempt Me

Digital Justice – The Theme From All is Gone

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