Listen to Anastasia Kristensen’s thumping, emotive techno mix

The Copenhagen DJ/producer builds towards that warehouse rave feeling.

Anastasia Kristensen feels like a household name on the techno circuit, but she only packed in the day job at the end of 2018. Kristensen moved from Russia to rural Denmark as a teenager, and after a period of listening to the kind of bands angry adolescents flock to (think Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Limp Bizkit) she became enamoured by club music while studying in Ontario, Canada. She picked up DJing when she moved back to Copenhagen and by 2017 her DJ career was well and truly kicking off, with a residency at the Copenhagen party Mainstream and the Culture Box club – and touring schedules taking her across the globe.

Kristensen’s known for her behind-the-booth charisma, and you can hear her passion for the craft in this Face Mix – which masterfully builds from a calm pace to thumping, emotive techno and breaks you’d love to hear while the sun rises outside at a warehouse rave. Listen and check out and Q&A with Kristensen below.

What’s the vibe and direction of your Face Mix?

No one will be surprised by a banging mix from a techno DJ these days, so I went with a delicate build up. I was in the mood for compiling deeper works that have sensual and intimate elements to them. Towards the middle it gains more attitude and becomes more rhythmic. I don’t think I truly could leave dancefloor, as much as I enjoy compiling mixes for home listening, too.

What makes you feel good when you’re DJing in the club?

The right connection with people. In fact, the more they’re into themselves and their friends, and not me, while dancing, the more I feel my job is being done right.

Any upcoming /​underground DJs we need to keep a lookout for?

ADIEL from Italy is doing class moves. Both in terms of releases, shows and self-expression. Mad props to her.

If you could bring any closed-down club back from the dead, what would it be?

Probably the original Et Andet Sted club In Copenhagen (in Danish, it means Another Place” or The Other Place”). The collective is blossoming now with their current location in the centre of the city. The original one was in an industrial area among warehouses, where you dance in a dimmed light, full-on smoke and subtle lasers. It was pretty spacious and hedonistic. We all loved it.

Have you learnt any survival tactics for doing late gigs and hectic tour schedule?

Ditch at least hard liquor, preferably all alcohol. Also disco naps, if you’re able to do them, are essential.


Cherry Bomb — Dark Matter II

Wavescape — Soul Doctor

Cherry Bomb — Matrix

Luke Slater — Black Cloud (epilogue)

Blamma!Blamma! — Zsa Zsa (Wolf + Lamb Remix)

Newbody — Moi Honey (SRVD Dub)

Borai & Denham Audio - Euphoria

Schacke — Like That

Pillow Queen — Byron’s Theme (Ex-Terrestrial’s remix)

Keith Worthy — I Used to Love Her (Black Keys vox)

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