ShaSimone’s daily beauty rituals: jollof, Yankee candles and syrupy, sweaty secrets

The ex-hairdresser turned burgeoning rap superstar spills every beauty hack up her sleeve.

ShaSimone hasn’t even released her debut EP yet and has still managed to grace basically every stage that matters. So far this year, she’s appeared at Glastonbury, Rolling Loud and every major arena in the UK while touring with Dave, where she performed their collab, Both Sides of a Smile. Not bad for a relative newbie in the biz, eh?

It’s easy to see why this Hackney-raised rapper has made such an impact since releasing her debut single Belly in 2020. In freestyles, she proves her innate talent by switching between flows without breaking a sweat; on studio releases, she showcases versatility by jumping between grime, Afrobeats and everything in between. And there’s more to come. This Friday, she’ll release her debut EP Simma Down, a perfect tasting menu of all ShaSimone has to offer, from introspective lyricism to fiery rap star bravado.

But cooking up bangers isn’t her only talent. Before focusing on music, ShaSimone was a hairdresser – and she’s not too bad at doing a full beat, either. Who better, then, to quiz on all things beauty? Dish the dirt, ShaSimone. The nation’s daily routines need you.

I wake up at…

7am, usually. Sometimes I’ll go to the sauna at my gym or I’ll go back to sleep until about 9.

The first thing I do is…

Pray and thank God for another day.

My skin care regimen in the morning looks like.…

Cerave foaming cleanser, then I use an exfoliant. I follow this up with Clean & Clear salicylic acid toner. Then I use an eye cream, Vitamin C serum and, lastly, some sunscreen.

My favourite morning products are…

Candles, toothpaste and water.


Candles to set the mood of the morning – the wind from the window will blow the aroma into the room. Toothpaste, cos it makes your breath smell wonderful and water because you gotta stay hydrated.

My worst beauty habits are…

Sleeping with make-up on. I’m the absolute worst! Repeat offender.

My favourite feature is my…

Eyes and lips.

My first beauty-related memory is…

Wearing mascara in Year 7 and getting in trouble!

Where are you headed today?

I’m going to get my hair done today. I’m going for a pixie cut look, something really edgy and different. I’m so excited. When my hair is fresh I’m automatically in a better mood.

What tasks have you got done so far?

Laundry, washed my hair, cooked, gone to the gym and got my hair done. Action packed.


Do you work out?

Yes. I could barely go up and down the stairs today because I’m sore from leg day.

Are you taking any supplements?

No. Wait… I take Fenugreek. When you sweat it makes your whole body smell of syrup.

What’s for lunch today?

Today I had Jollof rice, chicken breast and salad.

How do you relax?

Laying up with a fine babe or listening to music.

Do you listen to anything in the evening?

Depends on my mood. I literally listen to everything. I could be listening to Central Cee one day and then Kings of Leon the next. Only by the Night is one of my faves.

Burn any candles? Have a bath?

Always. I love a good candle. Recently, I’ve been loving Yankee candles – they last forever. The one I got recently was something like jasmine and coconut. And I love a good bubble bath.

What products do you use at night?

I wash my face with Cerave oil cleanser. I might follow with a clay mask if my pores look big. After that I’d follow up with a cleanser and face cream.

What’s the best beauty hack you’ve ever learned and why?

Keeping your skin looking good, as make-up will sit better.

Bedtime is at…

Whenever my eyes are heavy. I can go 24 hours with no sleep. But if I’ve got plans in the morning I’ll be off at 10pm.

How do you sleep?

Like a baby, knowing nobody’s son is stressing me.

I’ve been dreaming of…

Being rich.

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