BTS of Uncut Gems starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox and The Weeknd

“Adam in between shots. He always kept such good energy and was more than welcoming when it came to me sneaking photos in between shots.”

Photographer Anna Pollack talks us through the hair raising action on the set of the Safdie brothers’ new film shot in New York’s Diamond District.

“This shot was taken when we were shooting the club scene. It was a very wild shoot day with many extras and fun personalities. There’s something to be said about having to shoot a nightclub scene in the early morning – in broad daylight.”

“The legendary cinematographer and also the sweetest – here’s Darius Khondji setting up the next shot.”

“Director Benny Safdie in the midst of a hectic shoot day. As if directing was not already enough, Benny also boomed the film. He wanted to be as busy and productive as possible, it didn’t feel right otherwise.”

“One of the many extras for the monumental club scene with Julia, Howie and The Weeknd.”

“Julia waiting in between shots.”

“Adam in between shots. He always kept such good energy and was more than welcoming when it came to me sneaking photos in between shots.”

“Lakeith was also very friendly and sweet on set. This is from a little photo shoot we had while the camera was setting up. Lots of fun.”

“Richie, one of Julia’s close friends, serving.”

“This is a photo of Julia in the outfit costume designer Miyako Bellizzi put together. I’ve worked for Bellizzi before and the outfits in the film are a testament to her talent and hardwork. Her work elevated the characters to a whole other level. Behind Julia is Cole, another one of her best friends. Everyone had their people and their family on the film adding to the genuineness and naturalness of the film and actors. Even Larry’s brother ended up being in it!”

“Julia receiving direction from the brothers.”

“What started it all: the diamond district.”

“I took this one on one of the last days on the stage. This is from the KMH jewellery store they built. No broken glass yet.”

“Julia waiting on the stage for her queue.”

“Ronald Bronstein. He wrote the script along with the brothers. On set he was attentive and I could tell there were always little tweeks being made to push the story forward in new ways.”

“The Weeknd had to get his old hair back for the role. Details like this were important on set.

Having the film take place only a couple years ago was very interesting because it felt distant but also not far off at all. It’s very nostalgic to a time and style in New York that hasn’t aged enough yet. At least it took me back to an embarrassing time with even more embarrassing outfit choices. This photo was taken in the blacklight. Everyone could see all the dust on their clothing and every little detail. This gave wardrobe and hair and make-up a fun little challenge.”

“Rest easy Gianna.”

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