Daniel Lismore has designed London’s most stylish tree

Taking over The London EDITION’s fancy lobby, the artist and living sculptor has gone all out for Yuletide festivities.

Whatever you think of your Christmas tree at home, chances are the London EDITION is trumping it – by a lot. One for keeping traditions, the hotel plays host to guest curators who wreak havoc on the fir each year, bringing in designers and artists like Ed Curtis, Luke Edward Hall and Simon Costin to give the lobby’s tree an often oddball makeover.

This year was the turn of proper eccentric Daniel Lismore, the artist known for his brilliantly flamboyant style, staunch climate campaigning and, as it turns out, a Grade A decorating skills. Taking over the EDITION’s fancy lobby, Lismore’s turn with the tinsel actually involves no tinsel at all. Instead, the tree has been transformed into a 20ft angel wearing a shed load of (recycled) shiny fabrics and Christmas jumpers, overlooking the suited and booted as they enjoy a tipple or two. It’s a sight, alright.

Below, we quiz Lismore on how he made the most stylish Christmas tree in the capital.

How would you describe your signature style?

I live as a sculpture and I use my body as a canvas. I build like an architect focusing on each element: colour, texture and shape which usually depicts the feeling I have at the time and how I would like people to see me on that day. This usually translates into most of my work since everything I wear becomes a sculpture of its own, and this Christmas tree was no exception.

How would you describe your tree?

When I was asked to create this year’s Christmas tree at The London EDITION, my inspiration was the festivity we all feel, but also the climate activism I feel strongly about, and which I cannot ignore. Hence why I have curated the tree in the most sustainably conscious way.

The tree” is a sculpture called The Angel of Christmas Destruction”. It’s around 20ft tall and made from recycled fabrics and Christmas jumpers. I visited a factory where our clothes go to either be recycled or thrown away, and this is where my inspiration came from. I saw thousands of Christmas jumpers in this factory and I wanted to bring them back to life. To ensure my creation has a continuous cycle, all the materials will be donated to fashion students and creatives.

How do you tend to kick off the festive season?

I like socialising with all my friends in London, but nearer to Christmas Day I tend to go home to my family. We all put up our Christmas tree as a family.

On Christmas Day, my brother and I still go downstairs to explore our presents and unwrap them together with my parents. Family and friends always come round where my uncle is usually on the guitar, prompting us all to sing Christmas songs.

What are you hoping for under the tree this year? Don’t say world peace…

All that matters to me is family, so that is what I want under the tree this year – I never take them for granted. Apart from that, I always look forward to my new Bvlgari bag (I get a new one from my family every year), as well as fabric pens to help inspire my next project or exhibition.

If you could design a Christmas tree for anyone in the world, who would it be?

I would very much like to design a Christmas tree for Santa!

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