Fine art reviewed by a five-year-old

This year’s art school students have produced some pretty Fine Art, overcoming the Covid Iron Curtain that stood between them a proper send off – a grad show. But now they face their harshest critic: the boss’s daughter, Paloma Gonsalves.

Harrison Guyette

Camberwell College of Art
BA (Hons): Fine Art Painting

What’s that supposed to be?! It’s different and weird, *long pause as she tries to think of something positive* …and amazing.”

Franky Hughes

Liverpool School of Art
BA (Hons) Fine Art

They’re having movie night, or are about to play a video game. It’s fun, colourful and makes me laugh. It’s actually quite funny when I look at it properly. Mum look, there is also a photo.” *Points at remote control*

Haeji Min

Slade School of Art
BFA Fine Art

Wow! It looks like some of it are bodies, and some of it is jelly. It’s really beautiful.”

Shakkira Perryman

Falmouth University
BA (Hons) Photography

It makes me feel like I’m somewhere quite dangerous and I’m actually in the photo. It’s very moving. It’s also quite simple.”

Bridget Johnson

Chelsea College of Art
BA (Hons) Fine Art

It’s very pretty, and realistic. It’s beautiful in its own different way.”

Sara David

Central Saint Martins
BA (Hons) Fine Art

It makes me feel happy and joyous because it looks like she’s giving you something and being very kind and letting you have it, and everyone is smiling or laughing.”

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