How Barbie became a big time movie star

Podcast: THE FACE team discuss Barbie’s journey from the toybox to Hollywood, via feminist backlash and perhaps the most enviable CV on the planet.

When it comes to this year’s summer blockbusters, all eyes are on Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film Barbie. Starring Margot Robbie and a never-ending roll-call of Hollywood big shots, when the official trailer for the film dropped last week, it sparked an online frenzy, as girlies rushed to recreate the film posters and speculate over its plot.

On the latest instalment of THE FACE podcast, Editor Matthew Whitehouse is joined by Digital Director Brooke McCord and Features Editor Olive Pometsey to dig into the plastic, fantastic world of Barbie. From her run-ins with feminism to her long and varied career (think: Maccies cashier, international spy, astronaut, to name a few), the team charts how, with the help of a few rebrands, Barbie captured the world’s heart once again.

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