Meat the man behind the first boner on British TV

Sam Morris’s erection was the first ever to be broadcast on the box when it was shown on Channel 4’s taboo-breaking Me and My Penis documentary. Get to know him and his willy.

On the final Bank Holiday of the year, as the nation rested their hungover heads and tucked into #2 Deliveroo of the day, Channel 4 presented us with Me and My Penis after the watershed – an in-depth look at the dick and what it means to men. The project was headed up by photographer and sex activist Ajamu, whose past work has looked into masculinity and the Role of the Dick in British society.

In the hour-long sausage party, no topic was off limits. Sex, wanking, puberty, porn, foreskins, (and size) were discussed by men from all walks of life, as a straight ex-policeman, gay Muslim and pornstar opened up about their experiences of having a penis, and the memorable times it has taken a hold on their lives (one man goes as far as to say I actually think my dick is in control” when talking about accidental boners in public).

But the real centrepiece of the penis parade was a rock hard erection shown on British TV for the very first time – a proper taboo-breaker. It was wrapped in a wreath (arty) and belonged to British-born, Berlin-based erotic filmmaker, photographer and man-with-cock, Sam Morris. So inevitably, we were interested to find out more. About his cock.

Hey Sam. I’ve got a few questions about you and your penis.


What would you rate your knob out of 10?


That’s good.

It’s good, but it could always be better.

How does it feel to have had the first erection on British TV?

It’s something I was definitely not expecting. I think it’s cool.

Have you been shouting it from the rooftops since Monday night?

I kind of want to, yeah. I have a little bit on Twitter.

What were your thoughts when Channel 4 approached you?

At first, I thought, Absolutely no way.” I thought it was going to be a Naked Attraction-type thing. Then I saw the director’s work and she’s done some really beautiful work, so I thought, Why not?” It was a nice project to be involved in, but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Pardon the pun.


So your erotic business … fill me in.

I’ve been doing a series called Other Boys For Lovers for the past few years, and I run a subscription website which is an ongoing series that people can subscribe to and see different guys. I shoot them in different shades of softcore erotica, all the way to hardcore. All the power in the hands of the model.

How does your mum feel about your line of work?

My parents are pretty liberal so they’re very aware of what I do … to an extent.

Did they watch the show?

No, I don’t think so. I think a lot of my close friends did.

If one of my close friends did what you did I’d probably have to watch.

Even childhood friends watched it. I was like, Oh my god!”

When did you realise your gift?

I don’t know. I feel like it’s aesthetically pleasing, but I never really thought I have a massive one. I like the way it looks, and it photographs nicely.

Very modest. Do you have a name for your willy?

No. I’d be a bit weirded out if I hooked up with someone and they had a name for it. It’s a bit cringe.

Agreed. You have some lovely fans on Twitter. Here’s some of the stuff they’ve tweeted you:

May I have a sip of your fountain, good sir?

So straight, no curve!

Bend me over that table

I usually don’t reply for a reason. I feel like I’ve created a fantasy and I like that people engage with it in whatever way they want to. I let the people decide what they want to take from it.

Sure. I quite like the So straight. No curve” one.

It’s poker straight!

Last question: what did you think about to get an erection?

I may have watched some inspiration on my phone ;)


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