Here’s what New Yorkers are wearing in the blazin’ sun

Face It: May contain cowboy hats, Frozen, a toupée and, er, a naked OAP.

Introducing our new series Face It, where we’ll be sending photographers from near and far to snap, shoot and document club nights, pop fans, night walkers, bus riders, city dwellers, gamers and everything in between.

To kick it off, welcome to Times Square: the centre of the world – we hear. We sent photographer Adam Powell down with one question: tell us about your style…

Sandy: “The boots are from Hollywood, the hat’s from Hollywood, the wig’s from Hollywood, the tits are from New Jersey”
Polo: “I don’t do interviews”
Michaela: “I thrift everything”
Carl: “It’s nice when it’s hot, not so nice when its cold”
Lylah: “I love Lolita fashion and larme, the girly fashion of Japan. It’s very sweet and very girly, just like me!”
Luis: “A lot of black, always a bit dirty”
Ashley: “I love Elsa”
Len: “It’s urban, it’s New York. That’s it”
Jimmy: “My hair is fake and I’m wearing a lot of makeup”
Carl: “It’s all about having pzaz and flavour. I use small details to separate my style from others”
Elmo: “I’m not wearing any clothes”
Devona: “I get most of my clothes from Fashion Nova and try to dress to match my surroundings”
Dave: “Everyone knows that the only people who wear Hawaiian shirts are fat or disc jockeys. I’m a fat disc jockey”

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