Barry Keoghan is pulling no punches

The Irish actor and boxing fanatic on his latest role as a drug dealing ex-boxer in Calm With Horses, a criminal drama set in the underworld of darkest small town Ireland.

Tom of Finland’s fight for gay liberation

Homoerotica’s late, radical master arrives in London for the first time, in the year of his centennial. His partner, Durk Dehner, talks to us about the fascinating life of the subversive artist who helped liberate gays in the 20th century.

Talia Ryder is set to conquer Hollywood

Volume 4 Issue 003: This brand new acting talent has gone from Matilda on Broadway to a tough teen abortion drama, with Spielberg’s West Side Story thrown in for good measure.

And Then We Danced: an instant queer classic

Volume 4 Issue 3: Georgian cinema has birthed a new film hero, Levan Gelbakhiani. After starring in the Tbilisi love story, And Then We Danced, the young actor has become one to watch.

Riz Ahmed is breaking up with Britain

On his new album he sets out his plans to create a new world for the displaced – a no man’s land in between “us” and “them”. Here, the actor, musician, poet and political activist talks of finally feeling like himself.

Why do boys pee on things?

Photographer and musician Lida Fox answers this burning question and more through her latest photo book that muses on masculinity.

Noen Eubanks: I am a TikToker, I do TikTok”

Volume 4 Issue 003: He’s TikTok’s first crossover star, a walking, talking embodiment of NOW, with a following the size of Hungary. He’s the face of Celine. He’s the stuff of dreams. But Noen Eubanks is more than just a face and a tight pair of jeans.

Back to school with Kacey Jeffers

The New York-based photographer shot 26 kids on his tiny Caribbean island in the hopes of proving to them that anything is possible. Aww.

Beanie Feldstein: how to build a star

The Lady Bird and Booksmart actor has played every kind of nice, but is set to reinvent that image with an adaptation of Caitlin Moran’s rebel yell, How to Build a Girl, and as former White House intern Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story.

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