How Hulme inspired three generations of photographers

The mythical Manchester suburb was the epicentre of Madchester. But the nation's best documentary photographers had been intrigued by the inner city area long before Factory Records. Today, Hulmeloonies is carrying on their legacy.

Benny Drama’s unholiest internet habits

My Media Diet: The comedian has just released his new podcast, Ride, and has his own TV show in the pipeline. Here, he recommends Pedro Pascal TikToks and cures for perioral dermatitis.

How cinema is giving a voice to queer children

While the lives of queer young people are used as a political football, a wave of films are offering a counter-narrative, giving them agency onscreen while standing up to institutionalised homophobia.

Ewan Mitchell, master of reality

Ewan Mitchell plays Aemond Targaryen, the power-hungry prince in Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Aemond’s no one-eyed jester. Yet the actor’s first shoot and print interview are all a bit... what’s the word?... bonkers. And brilliant. A peeper-popping example of an actor, high on the possibilities of the only job he ever wanted. And half a kilo of sugar.

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