The podcasts we can’t stop listening to

While we’re still (mostly) stuck indoors and our eyes glaze over from screen fatigue, it can be nice to spread eagle on the bed and turn on a podcast.

Day by Day – Lucas Hedges, Julia Fox and Sydney Sweeney have all been guests on this new fictional narrative podcast that is the best thing to emerge from quarantine. Created by Adam Faze and Jamie Dolan, Day by Day features real stories the pair come across. The Josephine Langford episode about mental health is a definite standout. – Trey Taylor, US Editor

The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast – There will soon come a point when Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast may eclipse his novels (American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction) as his greatest contribution to popular culture. He talks with notable guests, mostly from Hollywood, but it’s his anti-cancel culture half-hour monologues and insights about moviemaking that are worth the $2 or so it costs to subscribe. – TT

How Long Gone – If you are poor or poor-adjacent and need to know what opinions to hold to sound rich (like what brand of sparkling water), look no further than How Long Gone, a bicoastal pod hosted by Chris Black (of The Strategist fame) and Jason Stewart (of appearing in the Britney Spears video for Everytime as a paparazzo fame). Each episode features a combo of fun banter, an insider‑y guest and awesome cultural insight. – TT

Blank Check with Griffin & David It is all about how directors made their movies, the budgets and casting processes, etc. – it’s amazing. I’ve listened to loads now. – Alex O’Brien, Art Director

My Favourite Murder with Karen and Georgia – It’s the only one I listen to. An amusing true crime comedy, packed with super interesting stories from their readers. – Borys Korban, Fashion Assistant

Switched on Pop w Nate Sloan – I got onto it as they released an episode re: George Floyd’s involvement in the collective that was linked to Swishahouse (v good topical content). They cover talent from Dolly Parton to Kanye, so it’s varied insights into the industry if you’re that way inclined. – Rachael Bigelow, Senior Project Manager

Cocktails & Confessions – It’s racy and fun and it kept me sane over lockdown. Hosted by Anthony Gillet and various guests from the community. Discussing topics from mental health, Black Lives Matter, self-esteem and the Met Gala. – Andrew Davis, Creative Consultant

Dear Joan & Jericha – Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine play two sex-crazed agony aunts on local radio: think Alan Partridge but more cringe. – Millie Gray, Video & Audio Editor

Song Exploder – Musicians talk in depth about how they made certain songs, I’m obsessed with it. – MG

Homecoming – A fictional thriller. Catherine Keener plays a psychiatrist at an experimental facility. It stars Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer and more. The sound design in it is mad and made me realise that fictional audio doesn’t always have to be like The Archers. – MG

Nothing Much Happens – The most chill woman ever reads her boring stories, very very satisfying to sleep to. – MG

The Blindboy Podcast – Ranging from hot takes on mental health, pop culture, disco and history. – Jennifer Byrne, Head of Audio and Video

History HyenasNever liked history? Feel like you can’t join in adult conversation? Then let comedians Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano – two rational human beings in an irrational world – give you all you need to know about everything from the Marquis De Sade to Apollo 13. You’ll be the hit of the dinner party (or bar stool) and have a blast along the way! – AOB

Talking Sopranos – Binged on The Sopranos during the lockdown? The actors who played Christopher and Bobby have teamed up for a new podcast dissecting every episode. – Kirsty Eden, Partnership Director

The Receipts Podcast – Fronted by Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez, the podcast transports you to your best mates house, sat on the sofa – chatting the most… with no filter! The podcast covers everything from life, relationships/situation-ships, race, religion, family and more. – KE

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