How do I get started on OnlyFans?

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Asking for a friend: Keen to dip your toe into the online content world? We asked an OF high roller for the tips and tricks for setting up shop.

Want to run your own business? Be your own boss? Work from home but still reach a huge, constantly growing user base? Then I’m sure you’ve been at least curious about getting set up on OnlyFans. In a similar vein to Patreon, the online platform allows creators to charge a monthly fee, and in return, customers can view pictures and videos.

Amid the cost of living crisis, the platform has become a growing source of income for people who want to make some cash on the side. And over Covid, the number of UK OnlyFans creators soared by 42 per cent as young people sought out alternative sources of income. But the platform can still feel daunting if you’ve never surfed it, or even filmed your own content before.

Sure, the platform is best known for its X‑rated content, but it’s not just about all things adult. Gaming, food, fitness and music all have a strong presence on the site, so you don’t have to de-robe if that’s not your thing. It now has 170 million users, and 500,000 more reportedly join the site each day.

Want to get a slice of the $2 billion (the amount OnlyFans has paid out to creators) pie? We’ve enlisted the help of creator Belle Grace, who made upwards of a whopping $500,000 in her first two years on the platform, to talk us through what – and what not – to do when getting started. A beginner’s guide, if you will. Notepads at the ready…

How and when did you get into OnlyFans?

In January 2020, I set up my account after subscribing to a few creators myself and getting a feel for the platform and content. It was something new that I wanted to join, I just wanted to ensure I understood the layout before jumping in!

What has your overall experience on there been like?

There are some difficulties with the actual tech of it all. From the content creator end, we have a lot of glitches like messages disappearing, chats not working, messages not opening or sending, posts not loading, content being removed and warnings given with no chance to appeal. I found this happens most often when the platform is going through updates, but we also aren’t made aware of when these updates are happening so we can be left to wait it out.

In between these times, the platform is really great. We get to connect with our followers and build relationships, as well as create new content with other models, influencers and creators. There is an amazing network of women I have been able to connect with through OnlyFans.

Was there anything you found difficult when getting set up on the platform?

I wouldn’t say I had too many difficulties getting things set up – the platform itself is very easy to use. The real difficulties come in building your brand, finding your niche, and researching the best equipment for lighting, filming, editing, promotions and all the rest.

What tips would you give to newcomers who are starting out on OnlyFans?

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do and don’t do any custom content without at least 50 per cent upfront. This industry is really about doing what you’re comfortable with and what makes you excited.

I’d also recommend investing in a good ring light and a phone or camera that can shoot high quality video. Social media is also a great investment – invest your time into networking and building promotions, organic and paid, around your OnlyFans platform and personal brand. But most importantly, be yourself. Don’t be an ad.

Viewers can tell when you are being genuine, so utilising subjects you have a true passion about will show through the camera. Plus, you’ll enjoy it all the more!”


What sort of content do you find performs best?

I think more explicit content does best on OnlyFans. This is really dependent on the creator, though. I have some friends who keep things pretty tame, and their followers are still just as dedicated. For me, it’s finding that niche and sticking to it. My content is fairly explicit and that’s what does best for me. It’s also what my followers are expecting, because that’s who I am on OnlyFans.

What would you say to a newcomer to help find their niche? How would you go about developing this?

Take a look at themselves and their own interests, outside of content. Are you into sports? Gaming? I would find what your passions are and incorporate that into your daily content. Viewers can tell when you are being genuine, so utilising subjects you have a true passion about will show through the camera. Plus, you’ll enjoy it all the more!

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