We invited viral Wetherspoons TikTok girl to the office to try Marmite

Reader, she hated it.

Mallory Bartow is a 23-year-old American TikToker who went viral after she lost her shit over the beloved UK pub chain Wetherspoons.

It’s so fricking good,” she exclaimed to the camera, and really, really cheap”.


Wetherspoons if you are seeing this please come to America #uktravel

♬ original sound - mal_lo_ry_

The 15-second clip of her bugging out as she ordered two veggie breakfasts and a refillable coffee obviously struck a chord with the nation’s Spoons fans. Before posting the video she had 200 followers. She now has 22.5k, with the above video being liked nearly 60k times.

To celebrate, we got Mal and her boyfriend Robbie to come down to The Face HQ to try another British cultural cornerstone: Marmite.

It’s weird, I live in England and nothing happens,” Robbie says. My girlfriend comes for two weeks and becomes famous.” Poor Robbie.

Check out the TikTok to see her verdict below.

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