Could you find your next job on TikTok?

Viral dances, cooking tips, makeup hacks and... your next job interview? The social media giant is reportedly rolling out a new tool for brands to recruit employees.

As a result of the pandemic, the UK’s unemployment rate has risen to its highest level in almost five years, with under 25s bearing the brunt of job losses. But some more positive news for Gen Z might be around the corner.

According to Axios, TikTok is testing a new tool for brands to recruit employees, which will effectively act as a middleman between potential candidates and businesses. The latter could then use the social media platform as a means of scouting for employees.

Currently, TikTok is reportedly testing the service with a beta group of companies, including big brands” and sports leagues. However, it won’t be directly integrated within the app. Instead, the tool will function as a separate page, where brands can post entry-level job listings and users can post TikTok videos in lieu of a traditional CV.

The introduction of this new feature comes off the back of a Washington Post article published in March, which detailed the ways in which career advice, interview tips and CV review videos were going viral on the app. TikTok said that the #careeradvice hashtag grew to more than 80 million video views a day by mid-February, encouraging the company to harness this momentum into something tangible for users.

It seems as though this job recruiting feature has been in the works for a number of months. Last spring, TikTok announced a $50 million Creative Learning Fund to support educational content. In June 2020, the company wrote in a statement: We want people to turn to TikTok not just for entertainment, but to learn something new, to acquire a new skill, or simply get inspired to do something they’ve never done before. People are already doing this, and it’s a trend we want to get behind and accelerate.”

As the job market continues to change and evolve at a precipitous pace, job-hunting on TikTok could spell the future of employment.

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