Get familiar with Megan Thee Stallion’s freestyle powers

From rapping in her hometown to the XXL Freshman cypher, the H-Town Hottie is one of the best MCs when it comes to freestyling.

A self-proclaimed H‑Town Hottie with die-hard fans, Megan Thee Stallion is climbing the rap ranks, ready to take the crown.

Megan made a mark back in 2016 with her verse in the Houston Cypher freestyle, which was filmed in a carpark. This year, Megan had her mainstream breakthrough moment when her track Big Ole Freak entered the Billboard 100, creating the #BigOleFreakChallenge, which saw her fans – known as Hotties – go and twerk at their local petrol stations. Now, the First Lady of 300 Entertainment, the label that’s been home to Young Thug and Migos, Megan has two EPs and the critically acclaimed debut album Fever under her belt. And if you were just thinking Megan wasn’t doing enough, she’s hosting beach clean ups all while in the final stages of her Health and Administration degree. We’re witnessing the rise of a legend.

Time and time again, Megan has proved the prowess of her skill as an MC with her freestyles. Raised on a musical diet of Southern greats – including her late mother, who rapped as Holly-Wood – Megan cites the likes of UKG and Three 6 Mafia as inspiration. Her second mixtape, Tina Snow, paid homage to Pimp C’s own alter ego, Tony Snow.

Here’s seven of the hottest freestyles from the Stallion.

1. Stalli Freestyle

Initially released on social media, the Stalli freestyle got a full upgrade in 2017 and was Megan’s first taste of major viral fame.

Quotables: Get up in the booth and beat the motherfucking beat up/​
Pissin’ bitches off like a nigga left the seat up

2. The Houston Cypher

A breakthrough moment for Megan. She comes over the beat for Drake’s 2014 track 4PM in Calabasas, delivering the stand out verse in a packed cypher… Get’s like that.

Quotables: If he ask for my number, it’s Chanel number 9

3. Fire In The Booth

In March 2019, Megan joined the UK’s Charlie Sloth for his famed FITB series to spit two freestyles, the first being the Running Up Freestyle, which later appeared on her debut album Fever. With impeccable stamina, Meg raps over a computer game music-inspired beat from frequent production collaborator LilJuMadeDaBeat.

Quotables: Got the moves like I’m Ryu /​Yellow diamonds, Pikachu /​When I switch my hair to blonde, finna turn up like Goku

4. #GotBars With DJ Scream

Before signing with 300 Enertainment, Megan joined Atlanta’s DJ Scream for a freestyle on his HoodrichRadio show. Arguably one of her greatest freestyles to date, she delivers this one effortlessly over the smooth instrumental for Biggie’s Get Money.

Quotables: Ye fucked with Trump so I didn’t buy the Yeezys

5. DJ HollyHood BayBay

You can tell Megan studies the greats by the way she raps over old school beats with ease. Back in January this year, she went on Dallas based station, blessing us with this, over another Biggie beat, this time the smooth Big Poppa.

Quotables: I am not in competition with none of you rapper bitches /​You wouldn’t be better than me if genies granted your wishes

6. Sway In The Morning

The latest in the Stallion offerings, this summer, Megan shared a (albeit short) few bars with Sway In The Morning. Let me get a piece of paper so I can get this gum out my mouth,” she says, before spitting over 2Pac’s Hit Em Up.

Quotables: Ok, she’s shaking that ass so she must be a hoe? /​Ok, well get on the block and show me how it go /​When you really got to eat, you ain’t really been to sleep /​And you ain’t never really need a nigga to put you on your feet”


7. XXL Freshman

Megan made this year’s prestigious XXL magazine freshman cover alongside the likes of Rico Nasty, Roddy Ricch, Tierra Whack and DaBaby. For her verse in the famed XXL Freshman cypher session, she put forward the case that she might just be the best MC on the entire list.

Quotables: Speakin’ on my name only make it sound better /​Your nigga in my DM, and he write love-letters”

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