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Yunè Pinku – Jaws

In a medley of breaks and hazy synths, Asha Yunè – pioneer of funky, sad girl garage” as per her interview in THE FACE’s summer issue – has dropped yet another dance floor-ready earworm. Don’t be fooled by her honeyed vocals and euphoric synths, though: Jaws packs a punch with lyrics such as If you break my heart, imma break your jaw”. Be warned. JW

Bree Runway – That Girl

I’ve been on a mini hiatus and there’s no better way to remind you that I’m THAT GIRL,” explained Bree Runway of her latest drop. To jog your memory, the UK artist took inspiration from New York’s ballroom scene, merging the kah-kah-kah” drama of voguing with distorted sounds from East London’s underground. The result is a stomping, unapologetic club track that commands you to get on Runway’s level. As she puts it, If you bad and you know it better show out girl.” OP

Björk – Fossora ft. Kasimyn

The new Björk album is out – and it’s daunting. The intricate woodwind textures and meandering song structures of her last album Utopia are back, but this time she’s chucked a bit of brutal gabber into the mix. The title track is a powerful example of this formula. Some might find Fossora hard to digest, but Björk is 30 years into her solo career and there’s still no other artist on this planet who sounds like her. That’s something everyone’s got to respect. DR

Nia Archives – Baianá

The red-hot jungle revivalist Nia Archives drew from Brazilian culture to create this club-ready roller. The London-via-Leeds artist is heavily influenced by bossa nova and samba music in general. On Baianá, she samples the Brazilian choir Barbatuques, and it comes with a sun-drenched video which was filmed on location. JW

Hazey – Bringing it Back

It was never going to be easy for Hazey to follow up the Packs and Potions hype. Before the masked scouse rapper had even recorded the single, the lyrics from his 2021 freestyle had exploded on TikTok (by March this year, the hashtag #packsandpotions had 11.5 million views on the app). Following a star-studded Packs and Potions remix featuring Digga D, M1llionz and Unknown T, Hazey delivered the bouncy, relatively wholesome Bringing it Back which, by coincidence, samples the same Barbatuques track heard on Nia Archives’ new tune. DR

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